New ways of connecting with collaborators

The DHCommons board has recently been hard at work on new features that will make it easier to find and connect with collaborators:


Starting today, DHCommons will give people and projects a more dynamic way to reach out to potential collaborators. We're adapting the "pitch video" concept from fund-raising sites like Kickstarter. There's now a field in each project page where you can add a link to a short video explaining your project and the kinds of help you're looking for. We recommend that videos be no more than 1-2 minutes long. Think of these as "lightning talks" where you can explain why your project is interesting and what potential collaborators might gain by helping with it. DH project are built by teams of people and these pitch videos will give you a chance to highlight the people behind your projects.

Each month, the DHCommons board will feature new videos on the site blog. These featured videos will, we hope, drive more potential collaborators to selected projects' pages.

Tweeting new projects

Every project that is added to DHCommons will now be automatically tweeted to @DHCommons followers.

Integration with DH Answers and Bamboo DiRT is coming!

We recently received an ACH microgrant to develop a way for DH Answers, Bamboo DiRT, and DHCommons to share their data with one another. We love the vision of a comprehensive digital humanities information hub, but we feel that the maintenance burden for keeping one monolithic site current is too high. If smaller, focused hubs of data can exchange relevant information, everyone benefits.