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Revista DHCommons - Envío de artículos

Posted by Isabel Galina on February 19, 2016

El equipo editorial de la revista DHCommons de CenterNet les extiende una atenta invitación para el envío de artículos para su segundo y subsecuentes números. Estamos en busca de proyectos digitales que ya hayan superado la fase de planeación y que requieran de un dictamen y retroalimentación que pueda contribuir al desarrollo del mismo. 

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“How did they make that?” Section CFP

Posted by Thomas Padilla on January 19, 2016


DHCommons Journal seeks procedural descriptions of how to launch and/or maintain an exemplary aspect of a stable digital project for potential publication in its second issue. We encourage you to emphasize in your submission a component of the project that came out particularly well and/or represented a significant challenge (e.g. data visualization, accessibility compliance, data cleaning and preparation). Readers should be able to come away with a sense of how they could begin to tackle a similar challenge. In spirit, these submissions should be inspired by Miriam Posner’s “How did they make that?”

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DHCommons incorporates project data

Posted by Quinn Dombrowski on April 9, 2015

DHCommons is happy to announce the incorporation of all the project data that was contributed to the now-defunct site. By adding this data to the DHCommons project registry, the collection of projects available on DHCommons has grown by over 700, providing many new opportunities to explore previous work within digital humanities.

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News and developments at DHCommons

Posted by Quinn Dombrowski on September 12, 2013

Since DHCommons merged with to become centerNet's official ADHO-sponsored publication, we've quietly been working on developing the publication, working through the consequences of merging our project directory with the information gathered on, and thinking through ways of improving the effectiveness of our project and collaborator matching. Here's what's been going on behind the scenes at DHCommons in the last nine months.

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Video pitch: Digital Thoreau

Posted by Quinn Dombrowski on June 14, 2012

Digital Thoreau, which is looking for collaborators for data entry, peer review, and general consulting for their effort to create a TEI-encoded text of Walden enriched by scholarly annotations, links, images, and social tools, is the first project to make use of our the new "video pitch" field on DHCommons project profiles.