Bike Off 2 - Catalysing anti theft bike, bike parking and information design for the 21st century

This project aimed to generate a ‘Secured By Design” standard for bicycle parking and in so doing test Ekblom’s model of the ‘Conjunction of Criminal Opportunity’ as an appropriate framework for standard generation. To deliver this research the work packages identified and generated standards, using different methodologies, in order to evaluate the efficacy of the standards, and the ‘fitness for task’ of the methodologies that generated them. The standards we generate will be combined to provide a definitive ‘Secured By Design’ standard for cycle parking. The definitive standard will be evaluated and ‘evolved’ by potential users, such as engineers, designers, cycle parking specifiers and providers and cyclists (users of that the facilities the standard seek to inform).

Principal investigator
Mr Adam Thorpe; Dr Dani Davies
Principal project staff
Mr Adam Thorpe; Dr Dani Davies
Start date
Thursday, June 1, 2006
Completion date
Wednesday, October 1, 2008