BRANCH: Britain, Representation and Nineteenth-Century History

To date, there is no open-access central resource for the study of 19th-century history and culture. Each such anthology is proprietary, often with password-protected web sites that accompany the hard-copy books. What is required is a website that provides this information in a free, expansive, searchable, reliable, peer-reviewed, easy-to-use format. I am creating a central resource for high school and university teachers seeking a comprehensive overview of the period 1789-1910. Unlike dry chronologies that simply list dates with minimal information about the many noteworthy events of a given year, I am undertaking the compilation of a myriad of short articles on not only high politics and military history but also “low” or quotidian histories (architecture design, commercial history, marginal figures of note, and so on). Of course, no one scholar could hope to provide a complete overview of an entire century of British society. I am instead compiling material from a host of scholars working on all facets of the British nineteenth century. The site represents a new kind of scholarly publication, one directly influenced by new software, the Mellon-funded SIMILE widget.