Codeswitching and convergence in Welsh: a universal versus a typological approach

"A corpus of spoken Welsh and Welsh-English code-switching is available to researchers as part of the Talkbank database. It consists of about 2.5 hours of recordings of informal conversations involving groups or pairs of speakers in North-West Wales and about 2.5 hours of excerpts from BBC Radio Cymru programmes. The data can be used for research on Welsh-English code-switching as well as general research on spoken Welsh.

The corpus was transcribed at the University of Wales, Bangor, as part of a small research project led by Prof Margaret Deuchar, funded by the British Academy, entitled "Structural aspects of Welsh-English code-switching". The main theoretical aim of the project was to test Myers-Scotton's (2002) Matrix Language Frame (MLF) model of code-switching with Welsh-English data. For further information contact Prof Margaret Deuchar (" (see: for more details)

Principal investigator
Professor Margaret Deuchar
Principal project staff
Dr M Deuchar
Start date
Thursday, September 1, 2005
Completion date
Sunday, August 1, 2010
Source material
The corpus consists of 69 audio recordings and their corresponding transcripts of informal conversation between two or more speakers, involving a total of 153 speakers from across Wales.