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The Comics Grid is a collaborative, peer-edited online academic journal dedicated to comics scholarship. Its purpose is to make original contributions to the field of comics scholarship and to advance the appreciation of comic art within academia and the general cultural mediascape. Our ISSN is 2048-0792.

We believe that online, open access, rapid scholarly publication offers great potential to maximise academic research and pedagogical impact. All contributions, including those by members of the Editorial Board, are collectively reviewed, edited and discussed by academic peers prior to publication.

We are passionate about the importance of digital literacy and public engagement. As a side-effect of our initiative we also encourage scholars to become fluent in online publishing and to engage in online dissemination and public engagement practices through effective uses of social media and other online strategies.

This project seeks to function as an online laboratory where different critical approaches to comics are publicly and collectively put to test. Though our scope wants to be as diverse as possible, our initial aim is to focus on the analysis of specific comics page layouts and panels.

We want The Comics Grid to attract readers from different backgrounds, but we also want to become a trustworthy, authoritative, academic source. All contributions are collectively reviewed and edited, and revisions are signed and openly visibile to contributors on their own dashboards. Our mission statement and editorial and guidelines exist as online documents which are shared amongst all contributors and editors.

Our research is inspired by, but not limited to, the following questions:

How are form and format interconnected in comics?
What is the meaning of “content”?
How are page sizes related to what is contained in them?
How do different technologies affect the processes of creating and reading a comics page?
How do different panel arrangements work?
What is the media-specificity of a comics page?
What are some of the different possible ways of reading comics pages?

You can see a map of our published contributors at Our call for submissions is permanent and it can be found at


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We are seeking contributors and voluntary editors and reviewers interested in graphic narrative, cartooning, animation, transmedia.
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