The complete work of Charles Darwin online

Darwin Online is by far the largest Darwin publication in history. It contains over 40,000 pages of searchable text and 130,000 electronic images. This site contains at least one exemplar of all known Darwin publications, reproduced to the highest scholarly standards, both as searchable text and electronic images of the originals.
All of Darwin's unpublished manuscripts are being scanned, transcribed or both. All previously published manuscript transcriptions are included (except where reproduction permission could not be obtained). Overall the site provides a vast amount of material on and by Darwin never before seen on the internet or never reproduced before in any form.On the origin of species (1859)
Darwin Online also provides the largest ever Darwin bibliography (building on the work of R. B. Freeman) and the largest catalogue of Darwin manuscripts and private papers ever published (based primarily on the Cambridge University Library catalogue by Nick Gill).
There are also more than 300 supplementary items such as reviews of Darwin's books, obituaries and recollections, biographies, items cited by Darwin and important materials for studying Darwin's life and work.

Principal investigator
Professor James Secord
Principal project staff
Dr John van Wyhe
Start date
Sunday, May 1, 2005
Completion date
Monday, September 1, 2008
Source material
Original publications and manuscripts or microfilms of manuscripts.

John van Wyhe ed., The shorter publications of Charles Darwin (Cambridge University Press, 2009)

John van Wyhe ed., Charles Darwin's notebooks from the voyage of the Beagle. (Cambridge University Press, 2009, with Gordon Chancellor and Kees Rookmaaker).

John van Wyhe. The puzzle of life: Charles Darwin and evolution. (Carlton Publishing, 2009).

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