Conservation, cataloguing and indexing of journals held as part of the EMap archive

To catalogue and index the collection of British Trade journals and related ephemera which make up the EMap archive. Publishing the index of the articles and making them available through the Voyager database means that researchers anywhere within the world, with access to the internet, can discover what volumes and information are available within the archive and make an appointment to use them there or seek out the relevant volumes in other collections. The collection has also been examined by an expert from the point of view of its long term preservation and steps taken to protect the collection from further damage, by binding or boxing the collection as appropriate.

Principal investigator
Mr Alistair O'Neill
Principal project staff
Katherine Baird
Start date
Friday, August 1, 2003
Completion date
Friday, July 1, 2005
Source material
EMap archive of 700 fashion trade journals.The journals include such publication as Drapers Record, Menswear, Shoe and Leather News, Shoe and Leather Record, Shoe Trades Journal and Drapers and Fashion Weekly. They are held in the Oxford Circus site of the London College of Fashion.