Creating a Digital Community Radio Station in an informal Refugee Camp in Calais, France

On the 24th October 2016, French Authorities began the final eviction phase of the camp in Calais. Many refugees have now been placed in CAO centres across France and are currently waiting on assessment of their asylum claims. New camps have sprung up along the Northern French coastline, some refugees continue to live around Calais in forest and wasteland areas. A process has been started for unaccompanied minors to travel to the UK under the Dubs Amendment for the 1200 children that lived in the camp alone.

We will continue to provide support and training in community radio for refugees, individuals, and communities with an interest in learning how to participate and will continue to support those who decide to further their community radio training in the Calais region and beyond. This means that we will be adapting our training programmes to suit people who are going through a transitory phase whilst applying for asylum in Europe. We are broadening our geographical area of work, and we are also refining how we provide support for those who want to work and create content within the community radio sector. We now see this project developing as a global collaborative initiative involving a wide network of diverse people that can be utilised by facilitators, content creators, and listeners.

Jungala Radio is a digital community radio station based in an informal refugee camp in Calais.  The legitimacy and status of this camp is determined by the French government's adaptation of the Dublin Regulation (2003) which stipulates that refugees must claim asylum in their first country of arrival. Under this regulation, the French Government does not recognize the camp as a formal refugee camp.




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