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From subjects to citizens: society and the everyday state in North India and Pakistan, 1947-1964

This research project is a three-year collaboration between the universities of Leeds and Royal Holloway which is studying the interaction between state and citizen immediately before and in the two decades following India and Pakistan’s independence in 1947. The website contains downloadable podcasts of interviews, a bibliography, links to archives and a mailing list. To date, research has concentrated on the politics high levels of government, and little work has been done on the impact of independence and partition on everyday life.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Digital Himalaya Project

The Digital Himalaya project was designed by Professor Alan Macfarlane and Dr Mark Turin as a strategy for archiving and making available valuable ethnographic materials from the Himalayan region. The Digital Himalaya project had three primary objectives:

1. to preserve in a digital medium archival anthropological materials from the Himalayan region that were quickly degenerating in their current forms, including films in various formats, still photographs, sound recordings, field notes, maps and rare journals

History, Linguistics N/A 9 Apr 2015
"It was forty years ago today...": Locating the Early History of Performance Art in Wales 1965-1979

The project examines how performance art histories are constructed, paying particular attention to the development of the art form in the context of Wales.

History, Cultural Policy, Arts management and the creative industries, Visual Arts N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Gascon Rolls Project

The Gascon Rolls, held in the U.K. National Archives (C 61) are important to the study of the twelfth century acquisition of the great duchy of Aquitaine by the Plantagenet kings of England. This project will make the unpublished Gascon Rolls available in electronic form for both the research project itself, and for the international research community. The final version of the edition of the Gascon Rolls will be available in a mixture of text and translation, and calendar (summary translation) online.

History, Law N/A 9 Apr 2015
A Supplement to the Electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language

This electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language (eDIL) is a digital edition of the complete contents of the Royal Irish Academy’s Dictionary of the Irish Language based mainly on Old and Middle Irish materials. The eDIL team is now beginning the task of revising the content of the Dictionary itself. In order to permit meaningful searches of the Dictionary, the digital text has been marked up in Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) following the guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) for Print Dictionaries.

Modern Languages N/A 9 Apr 2015
Wales and the French Revolution

The French Revolution of 1789 was perhaps the defining event of the Romantic period in Europe. The last twenty years have radically altered our understanding of the impact of the Revolution and its aftermath on British culture. Yet surprising gaps remain. Even recent studies of the ‘British’ reaction to the Revolution are poorly informed about responses from the regions. How did the events in Europe and the British reaction to them come to be known and felt in places like Carmarthen, Bangor or Milford Haven and how did Welsh responses differ from those in Scotland, Ireland or London?

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
From 'Peaceable Kingdom' to 'Wild West': Violence and Crime on the Early American Frontier

The research project is an historical study of violence and crime on the Early American frontier, examining the extent to which, and reasons why, the early American frontier became the locus of such violence and disorder. The databases available are collections of petty criminal cases from the court of common pleas and court of quarter sessions for 13 counties in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio, USA and Ontario, Canada, ranging in date from 1730 to 1820. In addition there is tax data in 26 datasets for the same counties, covering the same dates.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Gavrik Losey and British film production from the mid 1960s and to the mid 1970s

The Losey project entailed cataloging the Losey Papers held at the Bill Dougles Centre for the History of Cinema and Popular Culture.

Media N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Prints, Bookworks and drawings of Birgit Skiold (1923-1982), an interactive 'catalogue-raisonne' based on works in the BSMT collection

Birgit Skiöld, born in Sweden, was a modernist printmaker who lived and worked in Britain from 1948 onwards. She ran the highly successful Print Workshop, 28 Charlotte Street, London, which was established in 1958 and operated until 1983. Print Workshop became a destination for international artists needing open access to a professional printmaking studio. This catalogue introduces Skiöld’s work to a new audience. It arises from new research into the prints and Print Workshop, her studio.

Visual Arts N/A 9 Apr 2015
The species of Origin - Evolving a Contemporary Darwin Art Project for 2009

This project asserts the potential for contemporary art practice to re-imagine Darwin's work within a current context, to draw out, in particular, some of the most significant ideas embedded in his thought and of others. The investigative team organized three workshops over 2007-8 on Darwin’s Life and Work; Philosophy and Ethics; Creative Practice, with distinguished artists, philosophers, historians, curators and scientists.

Visual Arts N/A 9 Apr 2015
Law and Empire, AD 193-455: the Projet Volterra (1)

The general aims of the Projet Volterra (named after Edoardo Volterra, the distinguished scholar of Roman Law) are to promote the study of Roman legislation in its full social, political and legal context, and its continuing tradition. The area of Roman imperial legal pronouncements was identified as one in which current scholarship was less than adequately served in terms of Regesten, repertoria and bibliographical aids. Within this field the area of later imperial legislation was felt to be particularly poorly exploited by scholars in general.

Classics and Ancient History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Curating New Media Art - Networks and Collaborations (1)

CRUMB's activities cover a range of practices, but are predominantly based around research, networking, and professional development for curators of new media art. CRUMB aims to research and disseminate knowledge about curating new media art. CRUMB members run a lively discussion list on curating new media art with 800 international subscribers, publish interviews with curators, and lecture and publish widely, contributing to academic books as well as artists' exhibition catalogues.

Visual Arts N/A 9 Apr 2015
Bibliography of Scottish literature in translation; pre 1900 project (1)

The Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation (BOSLIT) is an online resource that offers an extensive and readily accessible source of information about Scottish literature in translation. With currently over 25,000 records, and steadily increasing, BOSLIT aims to serve the needs of academic researchers, writers and translators, libraries, schools, literature administrators and general readers.

English Language and Literature N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Edinburgh Historical Linguistic Atlases & Text Corpora: Early Middle English and Older Scots (1)

The principal aims of the project are to produce two historical linguistic atlases: A Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English, 1150-1300 (LAME) and A Linguistic Atlas of Older Scots phase I 1380-1500 (LAOS). These atlases follow 'A Linguistic Atlas of Late Mediaeval English' (LALME, McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986). In the periods covered by these atlases, neither English nor Scots were written in a standard form. Written forms are characterized by variation – different spellings of ‘the same’ word or morpheme. Variants often show geographical patterning.

Linguistics N/A 9 Apr 2015
From Goslar to Grasmere: Moving Through and Dwelling in Wordsworth's Manuscript Spaces

The project explores the potential of manuscript materials for two Wordsworth texts (early Prelude material and Home at Grasmere) which are both about the importance of place to the writing of poetry. The project has put the manuscript materials online and wants to open up an understanding of the relationship between actual physical place (today) and imagined, textual space in the content of the poem and the making of the manuscript.

English Language and Literature N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Letters of Bess of Hardwick

Elizabeth, countess of Shrewsbury (c.1522-1608), known as ‘Bess of Hardwick’, is one of Elizabethan England most famous figures. She is renowned for her reputation as an indomitable matriarch and dynast and perhaps best known as the builder of great stately homes like the magnificent Hardwick Hall and Chatsworth House. The story of her life as told to date takes little account of her more than 230 letters. The aim of the project is to make these letters accessible by producing a searchable, interactive online edition of all ca. 230 letters written to and from Bess of Hardwick.

English Language and Literature, History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Regnum Francorum Online

Regnum Francorum Online: interactive maps and sources of early medieval Europe, is a geospatial database with the aim of referencing historical events of Late Antiquity and Early Medieval (western) Europe to evidence in source-documents, compiling meta-data about the events, such as time, space and agency, and visualizing the events on interactive maps. This far, meta-data about more than 14.000 events are maintained in the database and avilable for further temporal and spatial analysis.

Archaeology, History, Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies N/A 9 Apr 2015
Designing the workhome: from theory to practice

The underlying research is based on the premise that the 'workhome' [the building that combines dwelling and workplace] is an old but little written about or understood building type that has existed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and continues to exist all around us in our cities, towns and villages. The history of this building type was traced from medieval times to the present day in England. An investigation of the contemporary form of the workhome was made through an analysis of the lives and premises of 76 home-based workers in urban, suburban and rural contexts in England.

Architecture: History, Theory & Practice, Design N/A 9 Apr 2015
Bike Off 2 - Catalysing anti theft bike, bike parking and information design for the 21st century

This project aimed to generate a ‘Secured By Design” standard for bicycle parking and in so doing test Ekblom’s model of the ‘Conjunction of Criminal Opportunity’ as an appropriate framework for standard generation. To deliver this research the work packages identified and generated standards, using different methodologies, in order to evaluate the efficacy of the standards, and the ‘fitness for task’ of the methodologies that generated them. The standards we generate will be combined to provide a definitive ‘Secured By Design’ standard for cycle parking.

Design N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Relevance of the Major Scottish Collections of Printed Renaissance Drama to the Cultural History and Contemporary Reception of Shakespeare

The research is intended to develop and deepen our understanding of the significance of particular items in the libraries' holdings and the histories of the various individual collections that make up those holdings. This work will provide the basis for a major exhibition to be held at the National Library.

English Language and Literature N/A 9 Apr 2015
Widening Young Male Participation in Chorus

An interdisciplinary study of the conflicts faced by boys undergoing voice change. The study draws on the sociology of boyhood and the physiology of vocal development during puberty. The project addressess the question of how high boys should sing between the ages of 11 and 14, when large numbers are lost to singing. There is conflict between speech quality singing in a tessitura that descends with the growth of the larynx and falsetto/"head voice" (thin fold phonation) which maintains a high tessitura thought to sound "angelic".

Music, Community Arts (including Art and Health) N/A 9 Apr 2015
Grippa - concept proofing and testing of anti-theft furniture accessories and design process documentation

The DAC Research Centre in partnership with the UCL Jill Dando Institute for Crime Science and in collaboration with Elisava school of design (Barcelona), worked with two bars in London (Wetherspoons) and two bars in Barcelona (Glaciar and Horiginal) to assess the usability of the latest DAC bag hanging Grippa design prototypes, for both bar customers and staff. Four bag hanging objects and five graphic communication proposals were tested during the two-month period in order to learn about the public responses to the designs, across the cultures of these two metropolitan cities.

Visual Arts, Design N/A 9 Apr 2015
Site-specific digital art as a strategy for shaping the built environment

Through the creation of two suites of site-responsive artworks that took place at Tramway, a contemporary arts venue in Glasgow, and the Britannia Panopticon building, which houses a former music hall and a working amusement arcade, also in Glasgow, and related publications and symposia, the project explored the potential of art - and specifically site-orientated or critical spatial practice - to encourage dynamic, individual, idiosyncratic and imaginative engagements with material heritage.

Visual Arts N/A 9 Apr 2015
Silchester Roman city: development of on-line archive for insula IX 'Town Life' project

The project's aim is the capture, storage and manipulation of data from a long-term archaeological excavation (1997 and continuing) of insula ix of the Iron Age and Roman town of Silchester, Hampshire (Calleva Atrebatum). The data comprise a variety of linked excavation and finds records which are stored on the Integrated Archaeological Database (IADB). The latter is a key tool for the post-excavation analysis of this complex, stratified site for which publication is planned in both printed and web-based formats.

Archaeology N/A 9 Apr 2015
Lexicon of Greek Personal Names: Coastal Asia Minor

The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names is a project to collect and publish all ancient Greek personal names from the 8th Century BC to the late Roman Empire. Please see the full project description on

Classics and Ancient History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Lexicon of Greek Personal Names: Asia Minor

The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names is a project to collect and publish all ancient Greek personal names from the 8th Century BC to the late Roman Empire. Please see the full project description on

Classics and Ancient History N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Electronic Grosseteste

Dr James Ginther, of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds, sees similarities in the process of creating medieval manuscripts and electronic texts. Unlike the relatively mechanical process of creating a modern printed text, the appearance of the medieval manuscript and the electronic book is very much dependent on not just the author, but the scribe or designer who produces the parchment or website.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Virtual Kemet: an African-centred Egyptian gallery for prisons

Since 2003 Dr Sally-Ann Ashton, an Egyptologist and Senior Assistant Keeper in the Department of Antiquities at the Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge has worked with prison education departments as part of an outreach programme. In order to expand her work and to explore the potential for using museum collections as an integral part of prison education, she was granted leave of absence from her post from September 2007 to September 2009. The project focused on Dr Ashton’s fieldwork and research, and the Egyptian and Nubian collections at the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Archaeology N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Pinnacle of the Medieval Welsh Bardic Tradition? The Poetry of Guto'r Glyn.

From the fifteenth century to the present day, Guto'r Glyn (c.1435/c.1493) has been acknowledged as the greatest exponent of the Welsh praise-poetry tradition, a cultural succession which stretches back to the sixth century. We aim to reconstruct, as far as is possible, the original text of the poems of Guto'r Glyn based on the manuscripts now available: 6,500 lines of verse, in c.160 poems, preserved in c.2300 manuscript copies.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Emergent City: Access and analyze data relating to urban spaces to make informed, interpretive media artworks.

The increase of a technology infrastructure in the modern city means that technology is all-pervading, from CCTV to car sensors and tracking inside ourphones the contemporary global city landscape is one of data. This project aims to analyse the patterns created from the monitoring of this technology and turn it into audio visual artworks which provide new ways of seeing. This project has created and continues to create participatory digital artworks that invite viewers to guide data flows or to simply observe self-generating compositions.

Visual Arts N/A 9 Apr 2015
Royal Historical Society Bibliography of British and Irish History Online

The Royal Historical Society Bibliography is an authoritative guide to what has been written about British and Irish history from the Roman period to the present day. For a full record see:

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
On-line version of Royal Historical Society Bibliographies on British and Irish History

The Royal Historical Society Bibliography is an authoritative guide to what has been written about British and Irish history from the Roman period to the present day. For a full record see:

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Anglo-Norman On-line Hub (Phase 1)

The Anglo-Norman Dictionary (AND) is the only serious attempt to present in its entirety the vocabulary of this form of French from which so much of modern English derives, and as such, it is a fundamental scholarly resource for the history of English, as well as of French, and of medieval society. The first edition of the AND dates back to 1947, considerably enlarged with new lexicographical data during the 1980's, the entries for A-E were the first to be marked up in xml between 2002 and 2004.

Linguistics N/A 9 Apr 2015
Revision of the Anglo-Norman Dictionary (I-M)

The Anglo-Norman Dictionary (AND) is the only serious attempt to present in its entirety the vocabulary of this form of French from which so much of modern English derives, and as such, it is a fundamental scholarly resource for the history of English, as well as of French, and of medieval society. The first edition of the AND dates back to 1947, considerably enlarged with new lexicographical data during the 1980's, the entries for A-E were the first to be marked up in xml between 2002 and 2004.

Linguistics N/A 9 Apr 2015
Revision of the Anglo-Norman Dictionary, F-H

The Anglo-Norman Dictionary (AND) is the only serious attempt to present in its entirety the vocabulary of this form of French from which so much of modern English derives, and as such, it is a fundamental scholarly resource for the history of English, as well as of French, and of medieval society. The first edition of the AND dates back to 1947, considerably enlarged with new lexicographical data during the 1980's, the entries for A-E were the first to be marked up in xml between 2002 and 2004.

Linguistics N/A 9 Apr 2015
A critical edition of the poetry of Dafydd ap Gwilym

An AHRC-funded project 2002-7 which produced a digital edition of the work of Dafydd ap Gwilym (a Welsh poet of the 14th century). The work consists of 171 poems, almost all of which survive in manuscripts between 100 and 200 years later than their original composition, and bear signs of textual corruption deriving from oral transmission. Original texts have been restored as far as possible (bearing in mind that the poet's compositions may not have had an entirely fixed form).

Modern Languages N/A 9 Apr 2015
Line by line bibliographical database of Wolfram von Eschenbach's 'Parzival' (Phase II)

The line-by-line bibliography database of secondary literature on Wolfram von Eschenbach's 'Parzival' is a novel concept in humanities research. It uses state-of-the-art computing techniques to fill a much-needed gap in Wolfram research, namely a detailed ‘commentary’ without text, however with copious subject indicators, to indicate the precise state of research on each line of this most important of medieval German poems.

Modern Languages N/A 9 Apr 2015
Breaking through rock art recording: three dimensional laser scanning of megalithic rock art

The project Breaking through rock art recording was led by Dr Diaz-Andreu(Durham University). It aims to test the novel technique of 3D laser scanning for the recording of prehistoric rock carvings. The main objectives were to assess the reliability, accuracy and precision of this technique for recording purposes and to evaluate its capacity to discover new carved motifs invisible to the naked eye.

Archaeology, History, Visual Arts N/A 9 Apr 2015
What is Black British Jazz? Routes, Ownership, Performance

The ‘Black British jazz’ project (BBJ) explores the emergence of a distinct tradition within British music. BBJ melds reggae, hiphop, African music and US jazz into a rich, and constantly developing set of sounds. In documenting this musical hybrid, the project touches on important issues for the study of music – the transmission of cultural values, the social context of musical forms, and frameworks of ownership that impact on musical communities.

History, Media, Music, Cultural Policy, Arts management and the creative industries N/A 9 Apr 2015
BBC North West regional news and documentary film 1966-1985: preservation and research access

A total of 687 regional programmes and nearly 1,000 (selected from over 15,000) news stories have been transferred from 16mm film originals to DigiBeta tape and DVD - making over 220 hours of material newly accessible. Anyone can view here at the North West Film Archive or material can be loaned to HE users on DVD for study elsewhere. Of the 16,000 stories in the BBC collection, around 1,600 (10%) have been transferred, and 160 (1%) have a brief sample clip attached.

Media N/A 9 Apr 2015
In Place of War: a research project on performance and war

In Place of War researches theatre and performance practice from sites of crisis and armed conflict. The database holds information on Conflicts; Organisations; Events; People; Interviews and Artefacts and the interactive maps allow users to browse this information by place. The first decade of the 21 st century has witnessed multiple wars and humanitarian crises - connected to the instabilities of economic globalization, historical political grievance, global structural inequity and new forms of ecological threat.

N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Portus Project

The Portus Project, directed by Simon Keay with Graeme Earl (University of Southampton) and Martin Millett (University of Cambridge), aims to answer major research questions about Portus, the port of imperial Rome. The Portus Project is a continuation of a successful research collaboration between the University of Southampton, the British School at Rome (BSR), the University of Cambridge and the Soprintendenza di Beni Archeologici di Ostia.

Archaeology N/A 9 Apr 2015
The role of shell middens in the Mesolithic settlement of Western Scotland and the transition to the Neolithic: A technological study of chipped stone

The first people to live in Scotland arrived around 9000 years ago and lived by hunting and gathering within woodlands that had colonised the landscape after the end of the ice age and on the coasts where many resources including shellfish, fish, sea mammals and seaweed could be exploited. The principal type of Mesolithic evidence for archaeologists is the stone tools and the waste from their manufacture.

Archaeology N/A 9 Apr 2015
Patterns of Reference and Networks of Authority: Classical and Biblical Citations and the Production of a new Canon in Early Modern Culture 1500-1800

The project examines patterns of citation within knowledge communities over time with the help of visualisations and web2.0 techniques. The initial test-bed for PoR are citations of Biblical and Classical texts in core texts of Early Modern Science.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
The excavation of WF16, a Pre-Pottery Neolithic A site in southern Jordan: acquiring new evidence for the origins of sedentary farming communities

WF16 is located in the spectacular Wadi Faynan area of Southern Jordan. The excavation will use a single context recording system (based on the MoLAS system) and will use a purpose built archaeological database (supplied by IADS York) to create an easily accessible site archive. Material remains at the site indicate that settlement occurred during the Pre Pottery Neolithic A (PPNA) period, with a suite of radiocarbon dates indicating occupation between 11,600 and 10,200 BP.

Archaeology N/A 9 Apr 2015
Harmony and controversy in 17th-century scientific thought. John Wallis (1616-1703) on grammar, logic and music theory

This project is investigating questions concerning language, logic, musical theory and related topics in the writings and correspondence of John Wallis FRS (1616-703). It will produce critical editions of the correspondence and the non-mathematical works of one of the most fascinating figures in seventeenth-century England.

N/A 9 Apr 2015
Post-socialist punk: Beyond the double irony of self-abasement (Resubmission)

Post-socialist punk’ is a historically and spatially comparative study of punk in Eastern Europe conducted by an international, collaborative team of researchers from the UK, Russia, Estonia and Croatia. A key output of the project is Rotten Beat - an electronic resource presenting high quality analysis and information about contemporary music scenes in Central, South Eastern and Eastern Europe as well as searchable archives of audio, textual and visual materials. This resource is due to go live in Spring 2010.

Music N/A 9 Apr 2015
Metaphor in Creative Sign Language

The proposed research project will investigate the metaphorical operations that contribute to the artistic effects of creative language in British Sign Language. The project aims to produce a large-scale corpus of signed poems and stories to be used in the analysis. The main research question will be: What are the unique features of metaphors in creative sign language? How do they manifest themselves in the visual-manual-spatial modality?

N/A 9 Apr 2015
Pioneer women: Early British Modern Dancers

The project centres on two archive collections held by the National Resource Centre for Dance which document the life and work of two British modern dancers Madge Atkinson and Ruby Ginner, whose significance to dance history has largely been over-looked. The project aims to write these women and their legacies back into history by undertaking vital work on the archives and in-depth research of their dance forms and cultural context while also working to enhance the collection and make it accessible by creating an electronic finding aid.

Dance Studies N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Complete Works of James Shirley (1596-1666) (Editorial Project)

The Complete Works of James Shirley will be a corpus of around 50 works, including plays, poems, and prose. James Shirley was an innovative dramatist specializing in tragedy, comedy, tragicomedy, masque, pastoral, entertainment, morality, and neo-miracle, Shirley wrote for a wide variety of theatres, ranging from the Blackfriars to the first public playhouse in Dublin, but he also composed poems and grammars. Although Shirley was arguably the most significant dramatic writer of the late English Renaissance, and his complete works have never been edited.

English Language and Literature N/A 9 Apr 2015