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The Cinema Authorship of Lindsay Anderson

The principal aim of this project is to evaluate Lindsay Anderson’s claim to the status of authorship by comparing his private thoughts about his work with (a) his public statements about the extent and nature of his achievements; and (b) the way his ideas were received by the various publics to which they were addressed.

Media N/A 9 Apr 2015
Leeds Poetry 1950-1980

Leeds University Library holds extensive archives (including original manuscripts, correspondence and tape-recordings) relating to poets working at or connected with the University between 1950 and 1980. As a whole, these resources bear witness to a vibrant regional literary culture centred on the University in the post-war period, and have much to offer scholars, historians, and readers of modern English poetry.

Modern Languages N/A 9 Apr 2015
High Throughput Humanities e-Research (HiTHeR) and FReSH (Forging Restful Services for e-Humanities)

High Throughput Humanities e-Research (HiTHeR) aimed to create a prototype system for analysing the Nineteenth Century Serials Edition (NCSE) corpus. The NCSE contains around 430,000 articles that originally appeared in roughly 3,500 issues of six 19th Century periodicals.

Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies, Linguistics N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Thomas Gray Archive

The Thomas Gray Archive is a long-term research effort dedicated to studying the life and work of eighteenth-century poet and letter-writer Thomas Gray (1716-1771). The Archive strives to preserve and to make accessible a comprehensive corpus of high-quality, electronic primary sources and secondary materials.

English Language and Literature N/A 9 Apr 2015
18th-Century Parliamentary Papers

During the eighteenth century the British Parliament ruled over one of the most powerful nations on earth. The matters it debated ranged from the minutely personal, such as individual divorce cases or family financial affairs, through the local, for example the construction or roads or harbours, to matters of the most central national importance, like electoral reform, wars and treaties, catholic emancipation or law and order.

History, Law N/A 9 Apr 2015
Integrating Digital Papyrology (IDP)

Among humanistic fields, papyrology is notably well provided with digital resources for access to primary texts, metadata, and images of the papyri, ostraca, and tablets preserved in Greek, Latin, Arabic, various forms of ancient Egyptian, and several other languages. Over the past couple of years the two most important digital papyrological projects based in North America, the Advanced Papyrological Information System (APIS) and the Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri (DDbDP) have developed plans for integrating and sustaining the two projects.

Classics and Ancient History, Modern Languages, Linguistics N/A 9 Apr 2015
Henslowe Alleyn Digitisation Project (HADP )

Edward Alleyn was the Elizabethan actor-manager who founded Dulwich College; with his father-in-law Philip Henslowe he ran several of the most successful acting companies of Shakespeare's time, including the Lord Admiral's Men, and expanded a number of London theatres, among them the Rose. The Henslowe-Alleyn Archive (held at at Dulwich College) consists of over 2000 pages of fragile manuscripts comprising the most important extant archive of material relating to drama and performance in the early modern period.

Drama and Theatre Studies, English Language and Literature, History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Southern Cross Resource Finder (SCRF)

The Southern Cross Resource Finder (SCRF) is a web-based resource that enables users to discover collections from libraries, archives and museums which hold resources useful for the study of Australia and/or New Zealand. It has been produced by and is maintained by the Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, King's College London.

Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies N/A 9 Apr 2015
Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi (Phase II: Enhancing Stained Glass Studies)

The Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi (CVMA) is an international survey of stained glass. CVMA in Great Britain has so far published one hundred printed volumes to date in addition to the online publications which include a substantial image archive; a prototype digital publication of the stained glass in Norfolk; and an online magazine called 'Vidimus' (available at

History, Architecture: History, Theory & Practice, Community Arts (including Art and Health) N/A 9 Apr 2015
Nineteenth Century Serials Edition

A three year Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded project, ncse seeks to achieve two key objectives:

English Language and Literature, History, Linguistics, Media N/A 9 Apr 2015
English Episcopal Acta

The project's purpose is to edit and publish copies of all English episcopal acta - that is, bishops’ charters and documents - from 1066 to 1300 or until the beginning of bishops’ registers in each diocese; and to make them available both in print and electronically.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Jane Austen's holograph fiction manuscripts: a digital and print resource

Jane Austen's fiction manuscripts are the first significant body of holograph evidence for any British novelist. They represent every stage of her writing career and a variety of physical states: working drafts, fair copies, and handwritten publications for private circulation. The manuscripts were held in a single collection until 1845, when at her sister Cassandra's death they were dispersed.

English Language and Literature N/A 9 Apr 2015
Stonehenge Riverside Project

The Stonehenge Riverside Project was initiated in 2003 with the overall aim of better understanding Stonehenge within its changing monumental and natural landscape context, especially through investigation of the hypothesis that Stonehenge (in its Phase 3) formed one half of a larger complex as a stone circle associated with the dead, in contrast to a timber circle associated with the living at Durrington Walls.

Archaeology N/A 9 Apr 2015
Codeswitching and convergence in Welsh: a universal versus a typological approach

"A corpus of spoken Welsh and Welsh-English code-switching is available to researchers as part of the Talkbank database. It consists of about 2.5 hours of recordings of informal conversations involving groups or pairs of speakers in North-West Wales and about 2.5 hours of excerpts from BBC Radio Cymru programmes. The data can be used for research on Welsh-English code-switching as well as general research on spoken Welsh.

Linguistics N/A 9 Apr 2015
Revised on-line edition of A Linguistic Atlas of Late Mediaeval English

The aim of the present project is to make A LINGUISTIC ATLAS OF LATE MEDIAEVAL ENGLISH, an indispensable reference tool to scholars working on the language and literature of the Middle English period, more accessible and flexible as an interactive website (e-LALME). E-LALME will be available to every user from their own desktop and will be linked to a Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English (LAEME) and a Linguistic Atlas of Older Scots (LAOS).

Linguistics N/A 9 Apr 2015
Londoners and the Law: pleadings in the court of common pleas 1399-1509

The project seeks to answer the question: why and how did 15th-century Londoners make use of the royal court of common pleas at Westminster? It will track and analyse the litigation brought both by and against Londoners in the common pleas over the course of the period 1399-1509, and use the data gathered to answer a series of questions that will significantly enlarge our understanding go how the law was regarded and employed both in London, and more widely in late medieval England.

History, Law N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Corpus of Modern Scottish Writing (1700-1945)

The Corpus of Modern Scottish Writing (1700-1945) project will provide an evidence-based platform for a new account of the development of Modern Scots and Scottish English. It will create a major research resource, namely a publicly available, digitised archive of texts in language varieties ranging from Broad Scots to Scottish Standard English. This corpus will provide the 'missing link' between the Helsinki Corpus of Older Scots and its related projects (1375-1700) and the Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech (1945-present day; ).

English Language and Literature, Linguistics N/A 9 Apr 2015
The complete work of Charles Darwin online

Darwin Online is by far the largest Darwin publication in history. It contains over 40,000 pages of searchable text and 130,000 electronic images. This site contains at least one exemplar of all known Darwin publications, reproduced to the highest scholarly standards, both as searchable text and electronic images of the originals.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
An English/Greek terminology for the structures and materials of Byzantine and Greek bookbinding

Research problem:
To compile a definitive bilingual glossary to describe Byzantine/Greek bookbindings by combining both the existing partial and conflicting terminologies and the new terms necessitated by the St. Catherine's library survey.

Aims and objectives:
The overall objective of the project is the production of a bilingual glossary to describe the structure and materials of Byzantine/Greek bookbinding. Several secondary aims must be achieved for the project to be successful. These are:

History, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies N/A 9 Apr 2015
Transmitting Craft Knowledge: Eliciting and passing on the skills of craft masters with the help of interactive media

Development and evaluation of a digital resource for craftspeople learning traditional knifemaking techniques. The aim is to validate and demonstrate pronciples of craft knowledge transmission developed in earlier research.

Media, Community Arts (including Art and Health) N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Correspondence of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre (1737-1814)

Bernardin de Saint-Pierre (1737–1814) was a major figure of the late Enlightenment in France, author of the best-selling novel Paul et Virginie (1788) which was first published as part of a much longer philosophical text, the Études de la Nature (1784).

Modern Languages N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Constance Howard Resource and Research Centre in Textiles

The Constance Howard Resource and Research Centre in Textiles is an independent Centre situated within Goldsmiths, University of London. Our mission is to become a leading international Resource and Research Centre for the study, promotion and dissemination of the collections we hold. We aim to capitalize on our unique position as the only Research and Resource Centre within a University environment that exclusively documents, promotes and fosters the pioneering history of textiles at Goldsmiths from the 1940s to the present day.

Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies, Design N/A 9 Apr 2015
The geography of knowledge in Assyria and Babylonia, 700-200 BCE: a diachronic comparison of four scholarly libraries

Where is knowledge generated? How does that knowledge replicate and spread? Where is it consumed? Who owns knowledge, and who may access it? Under what circumstances, and in what places, does it flourish or die out? How are its transmission and reception influenced by social and political factors? These are central questions in the history and sociology of science today.

Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Creation of High Wycombe furniture electronic archive

The High Wycombe Furniture Archive (HWFA) is part of the Research Centre for Furniture at Buckinghamshire New University in High Wycombe. The archive contains photographic and print material relating to furniture companies in the High Wycombe region, primarily from Ercol Limited, E. Gomme Limited (G-Plan) and furniture industry union related records.

This project is concerned with the digitisation of this collection resulting in an interface (website) that will make this primary material available to scholars, researchers, students and the interested general public.

History, Design N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Soldier in Later Medieval England

It has been argued that standing armies and professional soldiers were a phenomenon of the early modern state. There can be no doubt, however, that the period from 1369 to 1453 witnessed hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the pay of the crown. Although these dates themselves relate to the beginning and end of important phases in the war with France commonly known as the Hundred Years War, soldiers were dispatched for campaign and garrison service not only across the Channel, but also in the Iberian Peninsular, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

History N/A 8 Apr 2015
Early Irish Glossaries Project

An important resource for our understanding of the literary and cultural environment of medieval Ireland is a series of three inter-related early Irish glossaries, known as Sanas Cormaic ‘Cormac’s Glossary’, O’Mulconry’s Glossary, and Dúil Dromma Cetta ‘the Collection of Druim Cett’. They each consist of alphabetically listed (first letter only) headwords followed by an entry which can range from a single word explanation, often an explanation of the headword, to a whole narrative running to several pages.

Modern Languages, History N/A 8 Apr 2015
Proceedings of the Central Criminal Court 1834 to 1913, Online

The Central Criminal Court Online has digitised and posted in a searchable form 70 million words of transcripts of trials held at the Old Bailey between 1834 and 1913. It forms an extension to the NOF and AHRB funded project 'The Old Bailey Online', and forms a seamless body of text detailing all trials held between 1674 and 1834. In total approximately 125 million words of text is available. By tagging the rekeyed and OCRd text in XML for names, offences, trial outcomes, punsihments, etc., the site allows comprehensive statistical information to be generated.

History, Law N/A 8 Apr 2015
A digital edition of the Vernon Manuscript (Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Eng.poet.a.1)

The Vernon Manuscript (Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Eng. poet.a.1) is the biggest and most important surviving late medieval English manuscript. An extensive collection of Middle English religious literature (and some French and Latin), and lavishly illuminated, it is potentially an incomparable resource for art historians, codicologists, palaeographers, literary and cultural historians, linguists, and editors. However, access is currently extremely limited for conservation reasons and because of the sheer scale of the volume (the text is two and a half as long as Tolstoy's War and Peace).

English Language and Literature N/A 8 Apr 2015
A typology of defectiveness

An important design feature of language is the ‘productive pattern’. We have enjoy ~ enjoyed, agree ~ agreed, and many others. Even if the pattern is not fully regular, there will be a form available, as in understand ~ understood. Surprisingly, this principle is sometimes violated, a phenomenon known as ‘defectiveness’, which means there a gap in a word’s set of forms.

Linguistics N/A 8 Apr 2015
Philosophical issues in genomics: an annotated bibliographic database of scientific literature

Contemporary molecular biology – often conducted under the banner of genomics – has the potential to transform our understanding of issues such as the origins and history of life, human nature and biodiversity. It is also transforming the way biological science is practised, a process that is both interesting in its own right and potentially a great source of insight into the nature of scientific change and the relationships between science and society.

Philosophy N/A 8 Apr 2015
The Italian Academies 1530-1650: a themed collection database

The project promotes and facilitates research on the Italian learned Academies of the late Renaissance and early modern periods and their relationship to book production, printing and publishing in this period. The precise aim is to compile a comprehensive database of information relating to the membership and activities of Academies in Bologna, Naples, Padua and Siena and their links to the book trade as represented in the holdings of the British Library.

Modern Languages, History, Music, Philosophy, Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
Concept and Form: The Cahiers pour l'analyse and contemporary French thought

This website provides an electronic annotated edition of the French philosophical journal Les Cahiers pour l'Analyse. Edited by a small group of Louis Althusser's students at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, the Cahiers pour l’Analyse appeared in ten volumes between 1966 to 1969 – arguably the most fertile and productive years in French philosophy during the whole of the twentieth century.

Modern Languages, Philosophy N/A 8 Apr 2015
Projecting Performance: Interrelationships between performance and technology, dancer and operator

Projecting Performance was a collaboration between performance academics from the School of Performance & Cultural Industries and digital technologists from KMA Creative Technology Ltd. The project focused on the choreographic and scenographic exchange between dancers and projected digital images within a theatrical context. It questioned processes of performance and perceived boundaries between performers and technologists, and it promoted dialogues via an iterative cycle of creative development.

Dance Studies, Drama and Theatre Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
The Personalised Surface within Fine Art Digital Printmaking

Is it possible to create a personalised surface within fine art digital printmaking?
This project seeks to consider and explore the way artists working now are dealing with the given surface of inkjet and what implications does this have for the role of print within an artists overall output. Does Digital print require an abdication of a physical response to the final artwork, or is it possible through questioning common assumptions and challenging conventions, produce digital prints which have an individualised surface and a history of their making?

Community Arts (including Art and Health) N/A 8 Apr 2015
Cambridge New Greek Lexicon Project

The principal resource is a bilingual Dictionary, from Ancient Greek to English, designed for students of intermediate level and above. It is being composed to take account of the many new textual discoveries made since the last comparable dictionary in 1889, and to provide definitions and translations in modern English which will communicate clearly to contemporary readers. It is also being published as an online resource, so will be widely available to distance-learners.

Classics and Ancient History, Modern Languages, Linguistics N/A 8 Apr 2015
An Imperial Frontier and its Landscape: the Gorgan and Tammisha Walls in North-East Iran

A primary aim of the project is to employ modern archaeological techniques to date this 195 km long baked brick wall and place it within its landscape context. Although ostensibly to protect the inhabited lands of NE Iran from the incursion of nomadic groups from the central Asian steppe, there is clearly more to this wall than meets the eye. Discoveries by our Iranian colleagues, now confirmed by fieldwork in 2005, demonstrate that the wall is associated with a massive system of water supply consisting of earthen dams and canals.

Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History, History N/A 8 Apr 2015
Scottish Readers Remember: Reading in Scotland in the Twentieth Century

Scottish Readers Remember aims to record the reading experiences of Scots in the twentieth century. Reading once represented a large gap in our knowledge of social history, particularly reading as a factor in working-class experience. The gap has been narrowed for the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by Professor Jonathan Rose and others drawing on a wealth of memoirs, autobiographies and diaries. A quantitative balance has been provided by the use of library and other records such as in the RGU-based study of Edzell Public Library.

History, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
Buddhist Death Rituals of Southeast Asia and China

Aims and objectives

We aim to establish a pattern of text and ritual for the Theravada countries of South and Southeast Asia concentrating on the death rites. In doing so we will accomplish the following objectives (listed according to project phases)

1.1 to compile a comprehensive bibliography of secondary literature on Theravada Buddhist death rituals in Southeast Asia
1.2 to define the parameters of research on Buddhist death rituals

Modern Languages, Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
An electronic edition of the works of the Caroline dramatist, Richard Brome

The intention is to create an online edition of the Collected Works of the Caroline dramatist, Richard Brome. This AHRC-funded project aims to combine dramatic textual scholarship with theatre practice. Intended users are scholars of drama and theatre studies, English Literature, History and cultural studies, as well as theatre practitioners.

Drama and Theatre Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
The origin and spread of stock-keeping in the Near East and Europe

In western Eurasia we know that the earliest evidence for domestic farmyard animals occurs around 10,000 years ago. We also know that farming then spread westwards through Europe over the subsequent millennia, arriving in the far west and north of Europe some 6,000 years ago. For decades there have been major debates as to the nature of this spread, with many basic questions still remaining largely unanswered. The objective of this major research project, which has been funded for four years by the AHRC, is to address these questions.

Archaeology N/A 8 Apr 2015
The body and mask in ancient theatre space

The project applies advanced 3 dimensional technologies to study the practice of ancient mask theatre. It produces 3D scans of Greek and Roman mask miniatures relating both to comedy and tragedy, and reproduces them at life-size by rapid prototyping. The project use 3D motion capture as well as ChromaKey technologies to record experimentation with these masks practitioners of Asiatic and European traditions, and situates the results in 3D modelled reserarch based ancient theatre spaces.
Aims and Objectives:

Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History, Drama and Theatre Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
Early historic landscapes and the rise of centralised states on the Mekong Delta, Cambodia

The Mekong River delta region was a hearth of early state development in SE Asia. Archaeological research at the early historic city of Angkor Borei, Cambodia, is revealing the nature of the cultural landscape, but this information is yet to be articulated with records of change and variability in the ‘natural’ landscape.

Archaeology, History N/A 8 Apr 2015
City in Film: Liverpool's urban landscape and the moving image

While the relationship between film and cities has been widely explored in research on architecture, urban space and the moving image, there have been no sustained place-based studies in which representations drawn from a range of filmic genres and practices are historically situated within their social, spatial and architectural context. The principal objective of the City in Film project is the compilation of database catalogue of films made in and about Liverpool, with a particular emphasis on the city's historical urban landscape.

History, Media N/A 8 Apr 2015
The decipherment, description and online accessibility of 16,500 medieval Hebrew and Judaeo-Arabic Genizah manuscripts

The project deciphers, describes, and digitises the medieval manuscripts from the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Collection at Cambridge University Library. The project describes and digitises around 16,500 items, creates bibliographic information, publishes catalogues, and provides access to descriptions, bibliographic information, and images online. The project gives scholars of religion, language, literature, culture, and history greater opportunity to study material from the collection.

Modern Languages, History, Linguistics, Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
Semantic Tools for Archaeological Resources

Increasingly within archaeology, the Web is used for dissemination of datasets. This contributes to the growing amount of information on the ‘deep web’, which a recent Bright Planet study estimated to be 500 times larger than the ‘surface web’. However Google and other web search engines are ill equipped to retrieve information from the richly structured databases that are key resources for humanities scholars. Important archaeological results and reports are also appearing as grey literature, before or instead of traditional publication.

Archaeology, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
Curating New Media Art - Networks and Collaborations (2)

The CRUMB resource aims to help curators, academics and arts workers with these new challenges, by sharing examples of projects, by curating exhibitions of new media art, and by publishing analytical writing on the different histories of new media art.

Media, Community Arts (including Art and Health) N/A 8 Apr 2015
The Historical Study and Documentation of the Pad Gling Traditions in Bhutan

This research project aims to undertake a historical study of the Pad gling tradition and its establishments, focusing on the three principal institutions of Pad gling reincarnations: the Pad gling gSung spruls, who are considered reincarnations of Padma Gling pa himself and were based in lHa lung in Tibet and gTam zhing in Bhutan; the lHa lung Thugs sras, who are incarnations of Padma Glingpa’s son Zla ba rGyal mtshan (b.1499); and the sGang steng sPrul sku, who are considered reincarnations of Padma Gling pa’s grandson Padma 'Phrin las (1564-1642?).

Modern Languages, History, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies, Philosophy, Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
Winsor & Newton Colourman's Manuscript Archive: Page-Image Database of Historic Recipes for Paint Making

The Winsor & Newton nineteenth century recipe archive consists of handwritten recipe books, bound records of processes and shopfloor accounts (time and pricing for manufacturing their products), as well as miscellaneous details of daily operations from the company's beginnings in the early 1830s through to the beginning of the twentieth century.

History, Community Arts (including Art and Health) N/A 8 Apr 2015
Dictionary of Scottish Architects

The Dictionary of Scottish Architects is a database with biographies and full job lists for all those who practised in Scotland after 1840. This includes not only men and women who were born in Scotland but also those from elsewhere who designed buildings and entered competitions here. It is available over the internet without restriction. During the first 3-year period which was funded by the AHRC the Dictionary covered the period up to 1940; at the start of 2008, the inclusion of post-1940 architects was begun. It is anticipated that this new project will be completed in 2011.

History, Architecture: History, Theory & Practice N/A 8 Apr 2015
The reuniting of Osip Mandelstam's texts and archives in digital form

This pilot project's objective was to digitize and deposit with the Oxford Text Archive the holdings of the State Russian Museum for Literature and the Arts, Moscow, and the Central Archive of the FSB (formerly KGB), Moscow, relating to the life and work of the poet Osip Mandelstam (1891-1938), generally considered the foremost Russian poet of the C20th. This was seen as a first step to the reuniting of his entire archive, scattered all over the world, in digital form, in order to afford free, universal access to scholars, students and poetry lovers world-wide.

Modern Languages N/A 8 Apr 2015