Find and catalogue lost early electronic literature works

Electronic literature is a new field of works that incorporate digital elements as an integral part of the literature. The field of electronic literature now has 20 years of exciting works available. However, these works of literature are quietly being lost as new browsers and programs come along and the authors who host them no longer do so. We need to inventory these works to discover which works work, which ones need work, and which ones need to be found.

We need help to go through earlier collations of electronic literature such as Carolyn Guertin's The Assemblage, a gathering of electronic literature from 1990 - 2002. These works should be cataloged and placed in the Electronic Literature Directory and the Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice (ELMCIP) Knowledge Base of Electronic Literature .

The Electronic Literature Directory describes electronic works, publications, and articles. ELMCIP is an open-access research database for documenting information about authors, works of electronic literature, critical writing that references those works, publishers, organizations, events, and teaching resources about e-lit.


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This could be a great class project. We need to go through each entry in these collations and determine if it is still readable. If so, add a description to the Electronic Literature Directory <> and to the ELMCIP <> . If not, add it to the ELMCIP with a tag "unavailable." Collations include: The Assemblage <> Grand Text Auto hypercard works <> Jumping at the Diner <> Progressive Dinner Party <> Iowa Review Web <> The second phase of this project will identify the unvailable works and attempt to find and revive them.
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