The ICTGuides project is now incorporated within this project (arts-humanities.net).

Two developments gave birth to the ICTGuides database: an increase in the use of ICT in arts and humanities research and an awareness that information on how ICT is used in arts-humanities research is not readily available online. The resulting disparity was largely seen to have detrimental effects on ICT-based scholarship as sharing computational expertise among scholars is a precursor to promoting innovation within the field.

Thus the main aim of the ICTGuides database was to establishing a mechanism that allowed the gathering and dissemination of detailed information on UK-based arts and humanities projects and on the computational methods employed by them. The project developing a taxonomy of computational methods that is still largely used by Arts-humanities.net project. Plus all the project information gathered through the ICTGuides project is available here on the Arts-humanities.net site.


Principal investigator
Sheila Anderson
Principal project staff
Sheila Anderson, Stephen Brown, David Gerrard
Start date
Thursday, January 1, 2004
Completion date
Thursday, July 1, 2010
Source material
The data contained in the database is partly derived from successful funding applications submitted to the Arts and Humanities Research Board, and partly from information provided by projects themselves.

Speck, Reto "Mapping methodologies - The Methods Database" Paper presented at the Digital Resources for the Humanities conference, Newcastle upon Tyne, 5-8 September 2004.