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InView: Moving Images in the Public Sphere

InView is an in-depth resource which shows, through the juxtaposition and contextualisation of a range of materials, how public issues ‘play out’ across the media. A thematic approach illustrates how different producers and distributors of moving image content provide different voices and perspectives within national social, cultural and economic debates.

English Language and Literature, History, Law, Media N/A 9 Apr 2015
Freeze Frame – Historic Polar Images 1845-1960

Freeze Frame is the result of a two-year digitisation project that brings together photographs from both Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. Here you can discover the polar regions through the eyes of those explorers and scientists who dared to go into the last great wildernesses on earth.

The Freeze Frame project set out to conserve many of the historical photographic negatives collections held in the Scott Research Polar Institute (SRPI), University of Camnbridge.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
British Cartoon Archive Digitisation (BCAD) project

The British Cartoon Archive Digitisation Project (BCAD) involved a redesign of the British Cartoon Archive (BCA) website, to increase its functionality and usefulness to researchers, teachers, and students, and the addition of new digital images from the BCA collection. The new digital images came largely from the huge Carl Giles collection, which arrived at the BCA in 2005 and is now totally accessible through the BCA online catalogue.

History, Media, Community Arts (including Art and Health) N/A 9 Apr 2015
Pre-Raphaelite Resource Site

Pre-Raphaelitism was Britain’s most significant and influential 19th-century art movement. Founded in 1848, it centred on a group of three young artists: William Holman Hunt, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Everett Millais. These artists sought to revive English art by radically turning away from the old studio tradition and bringing painting into direct contact with nature.

English Language and Literature, History, Visual Arts N/A 9 Apr 2015
A Digital Library of Core e-Resources on Ireland

This project fills a critical gap in the provision of research and learning resources in Irish studies. The content comes from an unparalleled grouping of collaboration - collectively the partners hold an unrivalled range of printed research materials that are simply not available to the academic community in such critical mass elsewhere. The project will make the resources in the partner institutions more accessible to a wider audience.

English Language and Literature, Modern Languages N/A 9 Apr 2015
Cabinet Papers, 1915-1977

The Cabinet Papers Project aimed to provide an online resource for learning and research that would make The National Archives’ holdings of the Cabinet Papers available to the public, and in particular to Higher Education and A-level students. The National Archives is now able to provide an entire collection of searchable digitised images of the Cabinet Papers to users of the site as well as providing relevant information and study guidance for both teachers and students of British 20th century history.

History, Law N/A 9 Apr 2015
Person Data Repository of the 19th Century

The project “Construction of a repository for biographical data on historical persons of the 19th century” – short form: Person Data Repository – enhances the existing approaches to data integration and electronically supported research in biographies. It investigates connecting and presenting heterogeneous information on persons of the “long nineteenth century” (1789–1914). The project's aim is to provide a de-central software system for research institutions, universities, archives, and libraries that allows combined access on biographic information from different data pools.

History, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies N/A 9 Apr 2015
Digitisation of the Independent Radio News Archive

Commercial radio in Britain was launched in October 1973 when Independent Radio News (IRN) and its sister organisation, the London Broadcasting Company (LBC) were granted their licences. A joint IRN/LBC archive of programmes and news items was established and this, together with its catalogue, constitutes the archive in its current form.

English Language and Literature, History N/A 9 Apr 2015
British Newspapers 1620-1900

The goal of the British Newspapers 1620-1900 project was to make available on the web a digitised collection of British newspapers that spans all regions of the British Isles and is representative of newspapers published between 1620 and 1900. The intention was to deliver at least a further one million pages of digitised texts and load them to the Gale Cengage Learning website, and increase the content to four million pages of searchable text for pre 1900 newspapers. That goal has been exceeded by 157,349 pages.

English Language and Literature N/A 9 Apr 2015
Online Historical Population Reports

The Online Historical Population Reports (OHPR) collection provides online access to the complete British population reports for Britain and Ireland from 1801 to 1937.

The collection goes far beyond the basic population reports with a wealth of textual and statistical material which provide an in-depth view of the economy, society (through births, deaths and marriages) and medicine during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
An Electronic Edition of Piers Plowman in Cambridge University Library MS Gg.4.31

The aim of this project is to edit the text of William Langland’s Piers Plowman as it appears in the sixteenth-century MS Cambridge, University Library, MS Gg.4.31, as part of The Piers Plowman Electronic Archive. The Archive has been established with the goals of creating a multi-level, hypertextually linked, textbase of the complete textual tradition, with colour digital facsimiles of every authoritative witness, and of developing a model for computer generated archives of texts transmitted in complex documentary traditions.

English Language and Literature, History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Techniques for the analysis of expressive gestures in musical performance

Classical music is traditionally studied from notation; but music sounds, and how it sounds depends on performance style. The project developed techniques to show what constitutes a performance style. Expressive gestures in sound that characterise personal styles of playing and singing were identified and analysed in detail, using computer visualisation techniques for sound analysis. Their deployment and function in different musical contexts were examined.

Music N/A 9 Apr 2015
The British Grotowski project - a re-evaluation.

Polish director Jerzy Grotowski's contribution to world theatre is widely acknowledged. He has a central position in Britain in theatre studies and a still vital influence on theatre-making, especially devising and actor training in what is loosely termed Physical Theatre.

Drama and Theatre Studies N/A 9 Apr 2015
After Slavery: Race, Labour and Politics in the Post-Emancipation Carolinas

This project aims to demonstrate the utility of a materialist interpretive framework for exploring some of the most contentious issues in US Southern, labour and African-American history. In a vibrant, crowded field that has produced some of the most stimulating work of the past generation, historical scholarship stands at the threshold of a critical transformation.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
An economy in chaos? Analysis of Roman silver coins, Nero to Septimius Severus

Silver coins formed the backbone of currency in the Roman Empire and are likely to have been the main media for long-distance monetary exchange. Imperial fiscal policies and financial problems can be detected through metallurgical analysis of imperial silver coinages. Roman emperors manipulated the silver content (fineness) of the coinage to solve short-term financial problems frequently caused by government overspending. For the most part, this manipulation involved the reduction of the silver content of the coinage – debasement - in conjunction with a drop in weight.

Archaeology N/A 9 Apr 2015
Around 1968: Activism, Networks, Trajectories

This is a study of militants, the networks they constructed and the trajectories they followed in Europe between 1965-75. It is a collective project, undertaken by 14 historians, 7 based in the UK, 7 outside. It is based on archival work and the collection of oral testimony from a sample of networks and activists involved in them in each country.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Victims of Human Experiments under National Socialism

This project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, with a duration from 1 October 2007 to 30 September 2010.

Although coercive human experiments are among the most notorious features of Nazism, there is no overview as to their extent, or a guide to the fragmented literature and sources. Estimates of the overall numbers of experiments vary greatly. Recent historical opinion that the number of victims was relatively few is contradicted by the unexpectedly high number of compensation claimants by victims of experiments over the past five years.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Cataloguing and electronic access to archives of British mathematical and physical scientists

As part of its wider programme of preserving the original source materials for the history of science, the NCUACS is cataloguing and making accessible the archives of 11 major figures in the mathematical and physical sciences.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Medieval Petitions: A catalogue of exchequer, chancery and gascon petitions in the national archives

The series 'Ancient Petitions' in The National Archives: Public Record Office consists of over 17,500 petitions presented to the English crown, most of them dating between the thirteenth and the fifteenth centuries.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Scriptorium: Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts, Online

Scriptorium: Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Online is a three-year (2006-2009) AHRC-funded Resource Enhancement Project, based in the Faculty of English at the University of Cambridge.

We are constructing a digital archive of manuscript miscellanies and commonplace books from the period c. 1450-1720; our website will provide unrestricted public access to these images. We will also develop and publish a set of online pedagogical and research resources supporting late medieval and early modern manuscript studies.

English Language and Literature, History N/A 9 Apr 2015
The lexis of cloth and clothing in Britain c. 700 - 1450: origins, identification, contexts and change

At the centre of the Project is the assembly and examination of textiles/clothing lexis in the early languages of Britain (Old and Middle English; Welsh, Old Irish, and minor Celtic languages; Anglo-Norman/French, Medieval Latin, Anglo-Norse), investigating the genesis and subsequent development of the vocabulary. The material will be published as a searchable database which is in effect an inter-language dictionary. Terms and their citations from both documentary and literary texts will be analysed in awareness of surviving textiles/dress accessories and graphic images in medieval art.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
In Transition: Selected Poems by the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven

In Transition: Selected Poems by the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven is an electronic edition of poetry by the Dadaist artist, performer, and poet Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. This scholarly edition comprises digital surrogates and transcriptions of multiple manuscript versions of twelve poems by Freytag-Loringhoven. Work on this digital edition began as part of the dissertation entitled "The Makings of Digital Modernism" by Tanya Clement.

English Language and Literature N/A 9 Apr 2015
A scholarly digital edition of Codex Sinaiticus, published on the internet

This project has created a full scholarly digital edition of Codex Sinaiticus, one of the two oldest Greek Bibles and the oldest complete New Testament, arguably the most important of all surviving ancient manuscripts. It is part of a larger project to bring together all surviving leaves of the manuscript, divided among four different countries, into a virtual whole, and to provide access at every level from the general reader to the most advanced scholar.

Classics and Ancient History, History, Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies N/A 9 Apr 2015
Online Chopin Variorum Edition (OCVE)

OCVE began as an eighteen-month pilot study, from May 2003 to October 2004. Its aim was to explore the potential of technology to trascend the limitations of a traditional printed variorum edition. The research exploited emerging technical capacities for text/image comparison as well as recent musicological advances in cognate projects such as Chopin's First Editions Online and the Annotated catalogue of Chopin's First Editions (Cambridge University Press, 2007).

Music N/A 9 Apr 2015

JainPedia will be a free world-leading resource on the web. It offers translations and transcriptions of selected texts and a wealth of contextual information about the Jain religion and its host society in India.
The JainPedia team is leading the digitisation of approximately 4,000 pages of the thousands of jain manuscripts and Jain objects in the United Kingdom. The involvement of eminent academics and volunteers from the Jain community in the project highlights how the expertise and enthusiasm of different groups can work together to produce a valuable resource for all.

Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies N/A 9 Apr 2015
Mapping performance culture: Nottingham 1857-1867

This project investigates the performance culture of Nottingham, 1857-1867. In a key collaboration between theatre history and geographical information science it will develop an intuitive interactive map and research database, which will layer social, cultural and economic data onto a spatial representation of the town.

Drama and Theatre Studies, History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Digitisation of the South Asian oral history archive

The Centre of South Asian Studies won a Resource Enhancement Grant from the AHRC to begin the digitisation of its oral history collections. There are around 300 recordings in this collection, mostly held on audio cassette, with some reel-to-reel tape recordings as well. The project was completed in 2009 - the interviews, transcripts and various search functions are now available on the Centre of South Asian Studies' website.

Modern Languages, History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Computer Art and Technocultures (CAT): evaluating the Patric Prince Collection in the Digital Age

The partners will examine the development of computer-based art from the late 1970s to the 1990s. The basis of our research will be the collection of artworks, publications and ephemera assembled by Patric Prince, an American art historian who comprehensively chronicled the nascent Computer Art scene. Project staff will document and evaluate the Patric Prince Collection’s contents, using it to establish a framework for understanding the medium in its art historical, cultural and technological context.

History, Visual Arts N/A 9 Apr 2015
Autonomous Morphology in Diachrony: comparative evidence from the Romance languages

The Romance verb reveals some seemingly nonsensical, but diachronically and geographically recurrent, patterns in its paradigmatic structure, which show remarkable diachronic robustness, self-reinforcement and self-replication. The recurrent but autonomously morphological structures presupposed by such changes furnish crucial diachronic corroboration for the notion of ‘morphomes’ as elaborated by M. Aronoff (Morphology By Itself 1994), and in general for the importance of ‘inferential-realizational’ strategies in acquisition and language change (see G. Stump Inflectional Morphology 2000).

Modern Languages, Linguistics N/A 9 Apr 2015

19 is the first scholarly, refereed web journal dedicated to advancing interdisciplinary study in the long nineteenth century. Based at Birkbeck College, under the general editorship of Professor Hilary Fraser (Geoffrey Tillotson Chair, Birkbeck College, University of London), 19 aims to extend the activities of the Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies by making the high quality, original scholarship presented at its regular conferences, symposia and other events available to an international audience.

English Language and Literature N/A 9 Apr 2015
Mapping Medieval Chester

The project asks questions about Chester as a city on the (often troubled) border between England and Wales, and about how different medieval inhabitants imagined and represented the urban space around them. A key aspect of the project is to integrate geographical and literary mappings of the medieval city using cartographic and textual sources and using these to understand more how about urban landscapes in the Middle Ages were interpreted and navigated by local inhabitants.

English Language and Literature N/A 9 Apr 2015
Schenker Documents Online

The twentieth century's leading theorist of tonal music, Heinrich Schenker produced a series of innovative studies and editions between 1903 and 1935 and left behind a voluminous archive of correspondence, diaries and lessonbooks. Edited in near-diplomatic transcription and with English translations, these materials form the core of the edition, supported by additional documents relating to his life, and a set of "profiles" of people, places and organizations with which he came into contact.

Music N/A 9 Apr 2015

TEXTvre will support the complete lifecycle of research in e-humanities textual studies by providing researchers with advanced services to process and analyse research texts that are held in formally managed, metadata-rich institutionally-based repositories. The access and analysis of textual research data will be supported by annotation and retrieval technology and will provide services for every step in the digital research life cycle.

Classics and Ancient History, English Language and Literature, Modern Languages, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies N/A 9 Apr 2015
Linking and Querying Ancient Texts (LaQuAT)

The LaQuAT (Linking and Querying Ancient Texts) project investigated technologies for providing integrated SQL-based views of diverse data resources related to classical archaeology, specifically containing epigraphic and papyrological material. These resources were quite heterogeneous in terms of standards and structure, comprising two relational databases with different schemas, and an XML-based corpus; they are hosted by different institutions in different countries, and are the outputs of divergent research communities.

Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies N/A 9 Apr 2015
DARIAH: Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities

Supporting and enhancing digitially enabled research.

The Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH) aims to develop and maintain an infrastructure in support of ICT-based research practices across the arts and humanities, acting as a trusted intermediary between disciplines and domains. DARIAH is working with communities of practice to:

Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History, Dance Studies, Drama and Theatre Studies, English Language and Literature, Modern Languages, History, Law, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies, Linguistics, Media, Music, Philosophy, Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies, Architecture: History, Theory & Practice, Community Arts (including Art and Health), Cultural Policy, Arts management and the creative industries, Visual Arts, Design N/A 9 Apr 2015
Modernist Magazines: A critical and cultural history

The critic Michael Levenson warned that "A coarsely understood modernism is at once an historical scandal and a contemporary disability". The Modernist Magazine Project aims to refine and enhance the record through the production of a scholarly resource and comprehensive critical and cultural history of modernist magazines in the period 1880-1945. So-called 'little magazines' were small, independent publishing ventures committed to new and experimental work. Literally hundreds of such magazines flourished in this period, providing an indispensable forum for modernist innovation and debate.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Cinema Authorship of Lindsay Anderson

The principal aim of this project is to evaluate Lindsay Anderson’s claim to the status of authorship by comparing his private thoughts about his work with (a) his public statements about the extent and nature of his achievements; and (b) the way his ideas were received by the various publics to which they were addressed.

Media N/A 9 Apr 2015
Leeds Poetry 1950-1980

Leeds University Library holds extensive archives (including original manuscripts, correspondence and tape-recordings) relating to poets working at or connected with the University between 1950 and 1980. As a whole, these resources bear witness to a vibrant regional literary culture centred on the University in the post-war period, and have much to offer scholars, historians, and readers of modern English poetry.

Modern Languages N/A 9 Apr 2015
High Throughput Humanities e-Research (HiTHeR) and FReSH (Forging Restful Services for e-Humanities)

High Throughput Humanities e-Research (HiTHeR) aimed to create a prototype system for analysing the Nineteenth Century Serials Edition (NCSE) corpus. The NCSE contains around 430,000 articles that originally appeared in roughly 3,500 issues of six 19th Century periodicals.

Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies, Linguistics N/A 9 Apr 2015
The Thomas Gray Archive

The Thomas Gray Archive is a long-term research effort dedicated to studying the life and work of eighteenth-century poet and letter-writer Thomas Gray (1716-1771). The Archive strives to preserve and to make accessible a comprehensive corpus of high-quality, electronic primary sources and secondary materials.

English Language and Literature N/A 9 Apr 2015
18th-Century Parliamentary Papers

During the eighteenth century the British Parliament ruled over one of the most powerful nations on earth. The matters it debated ranged from the minutely personal, such as individual divorce cases or family financial affairs, through the local, for example the construction or roads or harbours, to matters of the most central national importance, like electoral reform, wars and treaties, catholic emancipation or law and order.

History, Law N/A 9 Apr 2015
Integrating Digital Papyrology (IDP)

Among humanistic fields, papyrology is notably well provided with digital resources for access to primary texts, metadata, and images of the papyri, ostraca, and tablets preserved in Greek, Latin, Arabic, various forms of ancient Egyptian, and several other languages. Over the past couple of years the two most important digital papyrological projects based in North America, the Advanced Papyrological Information System (APIS) and the Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri (DDbDP) have developed plans for integrating and sustaining the two projects.

Classics and Ancient History, Modern Languages, Linguistics N/A 9 Apr 2015
Henslowe Alleyn Digitisation Project (HADP )

Edward Alleyn was the Elizabethan actor-manager who founded Dulwich College; with his father-in-law Philip Henslowe he ran several of the most successful acting companies of Shakespeare's time, including the Lord Admiral's Men, and expanded a number of London theatres, among them the Rose. The Henslowe-Alleyn Archive (held at at Dulwich College) consists of over 2000 pages of fragile manuscripts comprising the most important extant archive of material relating to drama and performance in the early modern period.

Drama and Theatre Studies, English Language and Literature, History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Southern Cross Resource Finder (SCRF)

The Southern Cross Resource Finder (SCRF) is a web-based resource that enables users to discover collections from libraries, archives and museums which hold resources useful for the study of Australia and/or New Zealand. It has been produced by and is maintained by the Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, King's College London.

Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies N/A 9 Apr 2015
Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi (Phase II: Enhancing Stained Glass Studies)

The Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi (CVMA) is an international survey of stained glass. CVMA in Great Britain has so far published one hundred printed volumes to date in addition to the online publications which include a substantial image archive; a prototype digital publication of the stained glass in Norfolk; and an online magazine called 'Vidimus' (available at

History, Architecture: History, Theory & Practice, Community Arts (including Art and Health) N/A 9 Apr 2015
Nineteenth Century Serials Edition

A three year Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded project, ncse seeks to achieve two key objectives:

English Language and Literature, History, Linguistics, Media N/A 9 Apr 2015
English Episcopal Acta

The project's purpose is to edit and publish copies of all English episcopal acta - that is, bishops’ charters and documents - from 1066 to 1300 or until the beginning of bishops’ registers in each diocese; and to make them available both in print and electronically.

History N/A 9 Apr 2015
Jane Austen's holograph fiction manuscripts: a digital and print resource

Jane Austen's fiction manuscripts are the first significant body of holograph evidence for any British novelist. They represent every stage of her writing career and a variety of physical states: working drafts, fair copies, and handwritten publications for private circulation. The manuscripts were held in a single collection until 1845, when at her sister Cassandra's death they were dispersed.

English Language and Literature N/A 9 Apr 2015
Stonehenge Riverside Project

The Stonehenge Riverside Project was initiated in 2003 with the overall aim of better understanding Stonehenge within its changing monumental and natural landscape context, especially through investigation of the hypothesis that Stonehenge (in its Phase 3) formed one half of a larger complex as a stone circle associated with the dead, in contrast to a timber circle associated with the living at Durrington Walls.

Archaeology N/A 9 Apr 2015
Codeswitching and convergence in Welsh: a universal versus a typological approach

"A corpus of spoken Welsh and Welsh-English code-switching is available to researchers as part of the Talkbank database. It consists of about 2.5 hours of recordings of informal conversations involving groups or pairs of speakers in North-West Wales and about 2.5 hours of excerpts from BBC Radio Cymru programmes. The data can be used for research on Welsh-English code-switching as well as general research on spoken Welsh.

Linguistics N/A 9 Apr 2015