Modernist Versions Project

The Modernist Versions Project (MVP) aims to advance the potential for comparative interpretations of modernist texts that exist in multiple forms by digitizing, collating, versioning, and visualizing them individually and in combination. Its primary mission is to enable new critical insights that are difficult without digital or computational approaches.

Working with established Digital Humanities (DH) research teams both within and beyond Canada, the MVP will establish a set of best practices and a shared workflow—as well as help build the necessary tools and resources—to allow scholars to digitize modernist texts, compare multiple versions, mark-up the variants to facilitate easy searching and comparison, and display the results in an agile and extensible way. The value of doing so emerges in two ways: first, because many modernist texts are now emerging from copyright in Canada (well ahead of their emergence in the United States), the MVP is positioned to make a significant contribution to modernist studies and edition production. We have an opportunity in this regard that is nearly unparalleled in the rest of the world. Second, the MVP will enable new critical insights and facilitate new modes of scholarly production by making modernist texts accessible and queryable.


Kinds of collaborators
Individual/small group
Graduate students
Undergraduate students
IT staff
Help description
We really need people to digitize texts by scanning and OCR processing and correcting them. If you can also do some basic structural TEI markup that is a bonus.
Help needed