Price One Penny: A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

Price One Penny (POP) is a MySQL bibliographic database accessed via a PHP website. Plans for the future include adding a layer of linked open data.

POP enables scholars and collectors to browse works by publisher, title, authorial figure (creator of the ‘original’ and adaptor/translator alike), periodical, and library. Pages dedicated to works list all periodical serializations and editions, including differing issues, along with all copies found in libraries worldwide. They also contain crucial information on the source text (if the penny blood is an adaptation or a translation) and on subsequent dramatizations (if it was brought to the stage).

Combining evidence regarding production in early Victorian England and preservation in twenty-first-century libraries, scholars interested either in book history or in the genealogy of texts can produce informed analyses rather than hasty generalizations regarding the global, multimedia mass culture of the mid-nineteenth century.

To further document the circulation of texts, POP contains a digital edition of a French novel, Les Mystères de l'Inquisition (1844-45), alongside two concurrent English translations. The edition allows the reader to compare the translations by highlighting with a single click the corresponding passages in all three texts.

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