Siobhan Davies Dance Online

Siobhan Davies Dance Online is a project that created a fully searchable, online, digital archive of the work of the choreographer Siobhan Davies. In addition to extensive film footage of performances and rehearsals, photographs, programmes etc. it includes scholarly articles, performance reviews, interviews with audience members, analytical commentaries from Siobhan Davies, some of the dancers with the company and others plus a number of other artefacts.

Its objectives are: to create a fully functioning database of all of the above; to present this material in a form that reflects and re-presents the work of Siobhan Davies Dance; to faliticate the future development of the archive with a particular view to interative elements (eg. a choreographic game); to make preparations for the continued management and funding of the archive after the lifetime of the project.

The wider research context of the project relates to the fact that this is the first dance digital archive in the UK. It provides an opportunity for dance scholars, and others, to study the work of a prominent contemporary dance company and enhancen the profile of dance and dance scholarship.

Principal investigator
Professor Sarah Whatley
Principal project staff
Professor Sarah Whatley
Start date
Monday, January 1, 2007
Completion date
Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Source material
VHS tapes of performances and reheasals, DVcam tapes of rehearsals and performances, DVD's of performances and rehearsals, a variety of older formats of tapes - all held by Siobhan Davies Dance (SDD). Original video footage made by the project team of performances, get-ins and workshops on DVCAM. Digital and some film (35mm amd medium format) photographs - some held by SDD and others held by a variety of individual photographers. Programmes - held by SDD and private contributors. Scholarly articles and audio recordings - a variety of sources including academic journals. Press cuttings and reviews - SDD and private contributors. Masters and PhD theses -individual academics. Costumes & Set - SDD and other companies (e..g. Rambert) Posters & publicity material - held by SDD and performance venues.

Whatley, Sarah, Allender Paul & Varney Ross "Digitizing Siobhan Davies Dance" Body, Space & Technology online journal Vol 07/Number 02 2008

Whatley, Sarah, Allender Paul & Varney, Ross "Siobhan Davies Dance Online: Virtually Ethnographic" Dance Ethnography Forum, De Montfort University School of English and Performance Studies and the Society for Dance Research (online publication forthcoming).