Villanelle Anthology

This is a hobby project I've just started to create a database of villanelles. For my dissertation, I collected a list of over 300 villanelles, and I have full text for many of them. I also have a lot of secondary materials, entries from poetry handbooks and the like. In my spare time, I'm noodling around with building a database that will 1) enable people to do rich research into poetic form, 2) enable people to contribute and tag their own examples, 3) enable people to create custom visualizations from the material (maps, timelines, faceted browsing), and 4) enable people to mix and match all the materials in the database so that they can create their own anthology in epub, mobi, and pdf formats. I figured I'd start with villanelles, since that's what I've got the research for, but eventually I'd like to expand it to include other poetic forms (I've registered appropriate domain names). I think it should probably be full-text only (public domain items and items with permission), though I haven't yet decided, so thoughts on that are appreciated.


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Once I've got things farther along, I'd love testers.
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