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The Science Fiction Hub: a subject portal for science fiction studies

The SF Hub is an online subject portal for science fiction studies. It aims to facilitate research into science fiction and its related literary genres.

The Project has three components: Indexing the contents of un-indexed periodicals and amateur publications; Compiling web guides; Integration of these resources with the existing catalogue of science fiction books.

English Language and Literature N/A 8 Apr 2015
British Academic Spoken English (BASE) corpus

The project enhances the British Academic Spoken English (BASE) corpus, which functions as a companion to the Michigan Corpus of Spoken Academic English (MICASE), a record of North American academic speech.

Linguistics N/A 8 Apr 2015
The Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (DIAMM)

The purpose of the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (DIAMM) is to obtain and archive directly-captured digital images of European sources of medieval polyphonic music. Where there is damage that makes these sources difficult to read, levels of digital restoration are also undertaken on copies of the original images to improve legibility and scholarly access. The project has created a new permanent electronic archive of these images, both to facilitate detailed study of this music and its sources, and to assure their permanent preservation.

English Language and Literature, Modern Languages, History, Music N/A 8 Apr 2015
Partonopeus de Blois: an Electronic Resource

"Partonopeus de Blois" was one of the most popular romances composed in the 12th century, and played a key role in the development of Old French narrative literature. Analysis of the text is complicated by the fact that it exists in a number of different versions, which are difficult to study using a conventional printed edition. This project has produced an electronic resource that allows researchers to read and compare all the different versions in detail, without having to work from the original manuscripts (held in libraries from Yale to the Vatican) or microfilms.

Modern Languages N/A 8 Apr 2015
From Archive to Researcher: a Generic Tool Set

There were two major aims in the LEADERS (Linking EAD to Electronically Retrievable Sources) project:

1.To carry out research on the needs of users of archive and records collections
2.To develop a toolset to deliver finding aids, transcriptions and digital images of archives over the Internet

Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
Repertoire International de Litterature Musicale (UK operations)

Compilation of bibliographical information and abstracts of all scholarly writings on music published in all formats in the UK. These are sent electronically to RILM head quarters in New York to be added to the international database available by subscription to institutions and individuals. This phase of the project (RILM-UK 1999-2004) has brought the UK coverage of monographs up to date, thereby ensuring that a great part of the strengths and diversity of UK musicology is properly represented within, and made available to, the national and international community.

Music N/A 8 Apr 2015
Patterns of Mozart reception in the nineteenth century

The history of nineteenth-century music is on the verge of being rewritten. There is emerging, in addition to a chronicle of composers and works, and of a thick description of musical cultures and institutions, the possibility of writing the music history of the century in terms of its reception of composers of the previous century and before. The fusion of traditional modes of historical narrative with views of the century that give due weight to questions of reception is one of the most exciting opportunities facing music history today.

Music N/A 8 Apr 2015
Gendering Latin American Independence: Women's Political Culture and the Textual Construction of Gender 1790-1850

The aim is to rethink Latin American Independence in terms of gender. The project consists of three lines of enquiry: the study of women’s political culture, women’s writings, and the textual construction of gender in literary and political discourse.

Modern Languages, History N/A 8 Apr 2015
The Newton Manuscript Project

The Newton Manuscript Project began in January 2000 with a view to preparing 20 print volumes of Newton's non-scientific papers. Although we had stated in the initial application that that we would make the text of the proposed print edition available online, we quickly realised that the online environment now offered extraordinary and unrivalled possibilities for disseminating high quality scholarly output to a variety of audiences. Accordingly, we switched our primary focus to producing an electronic edition of Newton’s non-scientific papers.

History, Philosophy, Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
Law and Empire, AD 193-455: the Projet Volterra (2)

The general aims of the Projet Volterra (named, in association with the École Française de Rome, in honour of Edoardo Volterra (1904-1987), the distinguished scholar of Roman Law) are to promote the study of Roman legislation in its full social, political and legal context, and its continuing tradition. The area of Roman imperial legal pronouncements was identified as one in which current scholarship was less than adequately served in terms of Regesten, repertoria and bibliographical aids.

Classics and Ancient History, Law N/A 8 Apr 2015
British Fiction, 1800-1829: A Database of Production, Circulation and Reception History

British Fiction, 1800–1829: A Database of Production, Circulation & Reception (DBF) arises from more than fifteen years’ general research into Romantic-era British fiction, by the project director, Professor Peter Garside. The project provides a comprehensive bibliographical record of the production of fiction during the first three decades of the nineteenth century, supplemented by a variety of contextual secondary materials drawn from the period.

English Language and Literature, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
History of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama

The History of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama research project (1999-2004) operated under the aegis of the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama at Oxford. It has in many ways pioneered the developing discipline of Performance Reception. It has done this by documenting as comprehensively as possible all performances worldwide of Greek and Roman drama and their adaptations between the Renaissance and the present, while hand-in-hand with that also exploring ways of interpreting those findings and that material.

Classics and Ancient History, Dance Studies, Drama and Theatre Studies, English Language and Literature, Modern Languages, History, Media, Music N/A 8 Apr 2015
A trial electronic edition of the Preface to 'Ancrene Wisse' for the Early English Text Society

The project involved the development of a trial electronic edition of a short Middle English work, the 'Preface' to the thirteenth-century rule for recluses 'Ancrene Wisse', in conjunction with the Humanities Computing Development Team at Oxford, to work out an 'EETS template' which could serve as a model for electronic versions of future EETS editions. Since this is a prose work (the great majority of electronic editions of Middle English works are of verse texts) surviving in several manuscripts, it constituted a relatively demanding project.

English Language and Literature N/A 8 Apr 2015
Palaeopathology and the origins and evolution of horse husbandry

A collaborative, interdisciplinary project, rooted in archaeology and employing veterinary science to identify osteological differences between riding, traction and free-living horses, resulting from their different life-ways, in order to further our understanding of the origins and evolution of horse husbandry. Two analytical methods are employed:

Archaeology N/A 8 Apr 2015
Law making in Wales: an on-line analysis

On 1 July 1999 the National Assembly for Wales came into existence. Its functions were, and continue to be, transferred by Orders in Council and Acts of Parliament. This is a unique arrangement under the various devolution settlements introduced in the UK at this time. A basic element of the rule of law is that citizens can access the law. It was not apparent to the project team that the National Assembly had any plans to make its functions routinely accessible to any user, whether these were transferred to it, or functions that it legislated for itself under its statutory powers.

Law N/A 8 Apr 2015
The Leeds Archive of Vernacular Culture

The aim of the Leeds Archive of Vernacular Culture (LAVC) project is to unlock the full research potential of the large and varied archive of the University's former Institute of Dialect and Folk Life Studies, now stored in the Brotherton Library’s Special Collections, by creating an innovative electronic resource.

English Language and Literature, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies, Linguistics, Music N/A 8 Apr 2015
TV Times Digitisation Project

TV Times is now the only record of many programmes shown on ITV, and particularly of those that no longer exist. TV Times exists in a relatively complete form in only two sources: the British Library and British Film Institute. The project was designed to commision the British Library to produce a microfiche version of their holdings (supplemented, it transpired, by editions from a private source located by teh research team); to digitise these; and then to extract the programme listing information into a searchable database.

Drama and Theatre Studies, History, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies, Media N/A 8 Apr 2015
Latin American Art: an on-line research resource

The aim has been to make the University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art (UECLAA) available as a fully illustrated online catalogue. We began by developing a database that would facilitate management of the collection, integrating the full illustrated catalogue with mailing lists, contact and biographical details for artists, details of copyright agreements and other reports forms (records of donation etc), and information about the current location of a work of art etc.

Modern Languages, History, Media, Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies, Community Arts (including Art and Health), Visual Arts N/A 8 Apr 2015
English landholding in Ireland, c1200-c1360

The project can be located within several overlapping historiographical contexts, which have shown a capacity to enlarge our understanding. These include the interactions between 'core' and 'peripheral' areas of Europe; the complex relationships between the countries and regions of the British Isles; and the ubiquitous debates about colonization, cultural transfer, and the formation of identities, in which medievalists have increasingly been involved. Studies of elites and landholding are fundamental to an understanding of such issues.

History N/A 8 Apr 2015
Encoding an On-Line Electronic Scholarly Edition and Implementing an XML Prototype

The project aimed to program an on-line scholarly edition and implement an XML prototype meeting MLA’s guidelines for the electronic scholarly edition, and presenting full-text versions of all renditions to show evolution of a text to final states and devolution to original states. The first stage was to prepare a scholarly edition of William Wells Brown’s novel Clotel which provides the full text of all extant versions (those of 1853, 1860, 1864, and 1867) with explanatory annotation, textual-variant notes, and a scholarly apparatus.

English Language and Literature N/A 8 Apr 2015
Victorian Social Reform: A Bibliography of the Published Papers of the Social Science Association 1857-86

The National Association for the Promotion of Social Science, known as the Social Science Association, was an influential forum for the development of social policy between the 1850s and 1880s to which many notable Victorians gave papers and addresses. Leading politicians, intellectuals, bureaucrats, churchmen and businessmen were among its members. It was influential in many different areas - legal reform, penal policy, education, public health and commercial relations – and provides vivid insight into Victorian social and institutional development.

History, Law, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
French Vernacular Books: A Short-Title Catalogue of Books in the French language published before 1601

The St Andrews French Book Project intends to create an analytical bibliography of all books published in the French language before 1601. It is the first ever global survey of early French books, based on an exhaustive investigation of over 1550 libraries worldwide. It is also the first major national bibliographical project to have been designed and completed entirely in the electronic age.

Modern Languages, History, Law, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies, Music, Philosophy, Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
Historical database of twentieth century local elections in Great Britain

The aim of the proposal was to facilitate outside access to a local elections database that provides as comprehensive coverage as possible of local elections in Britain throughout the twentieth century. Plymouth University's Local Elections Centre had earlier collated in database form the results of some 120,000 local authority ward elections since 1973.

History N/A 8 Apr 2015
Posters of Conflict: The visual culture of public information and counter information

The project develops a resource of 10,000 images from Britain and the Commonwealth, France, Germany and Austro-Hungary selected from 15,000 public information posters in the collection of the Department of Art at the Imperial War Museum. The largest and most comprehensive collection of its type in Britain, the project documents the social, political , ethnic and cultural aspirations of these belligerent nations during two world wars.

History, Visual Arts N/A 8 Apr 2015
The correspondence of Aby Warburg and the Kulturwissenschaftliche Bibliothek Warburg: an electronic catalogue of the Warburg Institute archive

The Warburg Institute holds the working papers and correspondence of the Hamburg scholar Aby Warburg, as well as the papers of the institute which he founded and which still bears his name. The project is designed to provide a searchable database and catalogue of Warburg's entire correspondence (some 35,000 letters), with all proper names and major topics identified and recorded. The correspondence is important not just for the study of Warburg himself.

Modern Languages, History N/A 8 Apr 2015
The St Alban's Psalter: on the Web

To digitise the St Albans Psalter and place it on the web. The images are accompanied by complete transcription, translation (Latin into both English and German). Each image has a page-by-page commentary, and the manuscript is amplified by about 40,000 words of accompanying essays.
Aims: to make the psalter available in colour.
Research questions: to understand how the manuscript was made, when, for whom, and why the range of images were chosen.

Modern Languages, History, Linguistics, Community Arts (including Art and Health) N/A 8 Apr 2015
A corpus-based study of speech, thought and writing presentation in contemporary spoken British English

The Lancaster Speech, Writing and Thought Presentation Spoken Corpus has been built as part of an AHRB-funded project to investigate the nature of speech, writing and thought presentation (SW&TP) in contemporary spoken British English.

English Language and Literature, Modern Languages, Linguistics N/A 8 Apr 2015
A Descriptive Catalogue of the James M. Carpenter Collection of Traditional Song and Drama

The James Madison Carpenter Collection of Traditional Song and Drama is one of the most important and extensive collections of its kind. The bulk of it comprises British material which Carpenter (1888-1983), a Harvard graduate, gathered in the period 1928-35. The remainder comprises material gathered from various parts of the USA and probably dates from immediately after this period.

Dance Studies, Drama and Theatre Studies, English Language and Literature, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies, Music N/A 8 Apr 2015
Classical Archaeology and Art on the Web: the Beazley Archive

The original project, a database of Athenian figure-decorated pottery 626-300BC, began in 1979. It was the second in the University of Oxford to be available 'on line' (after Cairns Science Library). From 1992 that database, and others begun from the early 1990s, began to be prepared for migration to the web. The project funded by the AHRB 2003/6 represented the first stage of an integrated multiple database system available on the web; more than 20 databases were programmed into XDB during 2004. Also during 2002/4 the digitisation of Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum for the web was undertaken.

Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History N/A 8 Apr 2015
The Old Bailey Online, 1674-1834

The Old Bailey Proceedings form one of the largest bodies of published text ever created, detailing the lives and experiences of non-elite people. Containing 25 million words of text, they record the evidence given at and outcome of 100,000 trials held at the Old Bailey. This project has created a searchable text-base, that can be used for free text searching, structured searching of marked-up text, and statistical analysis. This resource has been made available online and free of charge to any one with an internet connection.

History N/A 8 Apr 2015
Early Stuart Libels: an electronic edition of political poems from manuscript sources

“Early Stuart Libels” is a web-based edition of early seventeenth-century political poetry from manuscript sources. It brings into the public domain over 350 poems, many of which have never before been published. Though most of the texts are poems of satire and invective, others take the form of anti-libels, responding to libellers with orthodox panegyric. These poems throw new light on literary and political culture Early Stuart Libels: an edition of poetry from manuscript sources. Ed. Alastair Bellany and Andrew McRae with the assistance of Paul E.J. Hammer and Michelle O'Callaghan.

English Language and Literature N/A 8 Apr 2015
Inscriptions of Aphrodisias 2007

This is the first edition of the online corpus of the inscriptions of Aphrodisias recorded up to 1994. The editions, translations and commentary are by Joyce Reynolds, Charlotte Roueché and Gabriel Bodard.

Inscriptions are marked-up using the EpiDoc electronic editorial conventions developed by Tom Elliott and others. The website and the supporting materials were developed by the Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London.

Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History N/A 8 Apr 2015
Welsh Journals Online

Digitisation and publication on the web of 400,000 pages of academic, literary and popular journals in English and Welsh.

Archaeology, English Language and Literature, Modern Languages, History, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
A Corpus of Scottish Medieval Parish Churches

Apart from a few widely known examples, such as Edinburgh St Giles or Perth St John, the medieval parish churches of Scotland are very rarely dealt with in discussions of architecture in Britain in the Middle Ages. This is largely because they have never been systematically studied as a body, and there is surprisingly little knowledge of how much of medieval date survives. Indeed, it became clear some years ago that even the Church of Scotland itself was largely unaware of the medieval origins of the core of its stock of parish churches.

History, Architecture: History, Theory & Practice N/A 8 Apr 2015
Capturing the past, preserving the future: digitisation of the national review of live art video collection

The Capturing the Past, Preserving the Future project has the following aims: To preserve for posterity the unique research materials contained in the National Review of Live Art Video Archive by digitising and maintaining the entire collection; To create an interactive and searchable on-line catalogue, including selected copyright-cleared examples of its holdings; To promote the enhanced research facility amongst the UK higher education, national and international performance research and practitioner communities; Readiness for developing curated programmes.

Drama and Theatre Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
Magnetic moments in the past: Developing archaeomagnetic dating for application in UK archaeology

This project follows on from a previous collaboration which established a methodology for using measurements of the past magnetic field of the Earth for dating archaeological materials in the last 4000 years in the UK. The primary aim of this project is to realise the potential of this research by developing its practical application in UK archaeology. There is increasing interest in using archaeomagnetic dating as part of the suite of chronological tools available to archaeologists. However, it has yet to be adopted routinely.

Archaeology N/A 8 Apr 2015
East London Theatre Archive (ELTA)

The East London Theatre Archive provides online access to resources of music hall and variety theatres in London's East End during the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries. Around 15,000 items are digitised and described, with supporting material commissioned to provide historical context. Resources come from the collections of V&A Theatre Collections, University of East London and parter organisations.

Drama and Theatre Studies, Music N/A 8 Apr 2015
Designing for services in science and technology-based enterprises

Designing for Services in Science and Technology-Based Enterprises was an interdisciplinary research project initiated by Saïd Business School (SBS) at the University of Oxford. This one-year study (2006-2007) explored how academics, service designers, and science and technology entrepreneurs understand the designing of services in science and technology-based enterprises. Three case studies were set up in which one science-based service enterprise was paired with a design consultancy, working together for six days over several months.

Design N/A 8 Apr 2015
Anglo-Saxon Language of Landscape (LangScape)

The aim of the LangScape Project is to make accessible over the web a rich body of material relating to the English countryside of a thousand years ago and more, using estate boundaries - detailed descriptions by those who lived in and worked the Anglo-Saxon landscape. The completed website - an electronic corpus of Anglo-saxon boundary clauses with extensive XML mark-up - will be a powerful research tool with applications within a broad range of academic disciplines. It will also be designed with a view to its ongoing development for public and schools use.

History, Linguistics N/A 8 Apr 2015
Records of Early English Drama, Middlesex/Westminster: Eight Theatres north of the Thames

This project focuses on two fundamental research problems: the need for a systematic and complete edition of all pre-1642 manuscript and printed records relating to the eight early Middlesex/Westminster theatres north of the Thames (1642 being the date of the closure of the London theatres by the authorities); the complementary need for a widely-available aggregated bibliography which locates, assesses, and digests all later printed transcriptions of pre-1642 documents relating to these theatres.

Drama and Theatre Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
Monastic Archives: enhancement of typology and database

The overriding aim of this project is to equip users of the existing web-based English Monastic Archives database with the expertise required to make the best use of the data that it structures. These records are of a volume and range that are unmatched in Britain save by the records of the Crown. In a previous project, an estimated 88% of the records were located and described, and the catalogue descriptions were made available on the internet. The present proposal seeks to build on that in three ways. 1.

History, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies, Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
A Linguistic 'Time-Capsule': The Newcastle Electronic Corpus of Tyneside English

The Newcastle Electronic Corpus of Tyneside English (NECTE) resource amalgamated and future-proofed two discrete sets of spoken data including recordings from people born within the Tyneside conurbation between 1890 and 1970. The overarching aim was to improve access to and promote the re-use of NECTE by producing an electronic public database resource in a variety of aligned formats which can be accessed according to user need via a gatekeeping system so as to fully comply with the Data Protection Act.

English Language and Literature, Linguistics N/A 8 Apr 2015
Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity (2004)

This publication is the online second edition of a printed book, which first appeared in 1989, but was out of print: it incorporates new material found since 1989. The resource presents 250 inscribed texts from the 3rd-6th century, found at the ancient site of Aphrodisias in Caria (south-west Turkey): it includes extensive explanatory material and discussions, with detailed indices of people. The existence of the book makes it possible to compare the two ways of presenting the material.

Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History N/A 8 Apr 2015

The overall aim of the project was to make it easier for readers to move between publications on the Web, instead of walking from one library shelf to another. Bringing information together in this way helps researchers to recognise a new range of relationships and interactions.

Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History N/A 8 Apr 2015
Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania

This is the republication of a volume of almost 1,000 inscriptions (almost all in Latin) of the Roman period from Tripolitania (Libya): the original volume was published in 1952, but with very little illustration, and very sketchy maps. This re-edition makes no alterations to the academic content. The new elements are that it includes photographs of almost all the texts, and it maps the data onto the map of Libya in Google Maps or Google Earth.

Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History N/A 8 Apr 2015
Epidoc Aphrodisias Project (EPAPP)

The Epidoc Aphrodisias Project was launched in 2002 to develop and apply tools for presenting ancient Greek and Latin inscriptions on the Internet. With support from the Leverhulme Trust, as part of their Research Interchange Scheme, researchers from Europe, the U.S. and the U.K. pooled their experience and launched a pilot project.

Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History, Linguistics N/A 8 Apr 2015
Recovering the Material and Visual Cultures of the Southern Sudan: A Museological Resource

The cultures of Southern Sudan have been central to anthropological research and teaching since the publication of Evans-Pritchard’s classic works on the Zande and Nuer in the 1930s and 1940s. A number of collections from Evans-Pritchard and other figures in the history of the study of the cultures of the Southern Sudan are represented in the collections of the University of Oxford’s Pitt Rivers Museum.

History, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies N/A 8 Apr 2015
Photographs exhibited in Britain 1839 - 1865

This is a database of around 20,000 exhibits shown at various photographic exhibitions around Britain between 1839 and 1865. The invention of photography was officially announced in 1839 so this database is a unique record of some of the earliest public activity in the field. The database was created by Roger Taylor and originally published under the same title in book form by the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 2002. The online version was created with funding from the AHRC. The site is maintained by Professor Stephen Brown, De Montfort University.

Visual Arts N/A 8 Apr 2015
Photographs Exhibited at the Royal Photographic Society 1870-1915

This is a resource enhancement project that has created a browsable and searchable database of historic photographic exhibition catalogues, supplemented by scans of the catalogue pages, contemporary reviews and illustrations of the exhibits.

History, Community Arts (including Art and Health), Visual Arts N/A 8 Apr 2015
The Correspondence of William Henry Fox Talbot

The project has transcribed and published the more than 10,000 letters to and from William Henry Fox Talbot (1800-1877), best known as the inventor of photography but also an MP, a landowner, an inventor, a scientist, a mathematician and a pioneering scholar of Assyrian cuneiform. The major group of letters was published in 2003. AHRB funding then ended and the University of Glasgow was unable to commit further resources to the project. In 2004, the project website was migrated to DeMontfort University, Leicester. A grant from the British Academy created a remote editing facility.

Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History, English Language and Literature, Modern Languages, Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies, Media, Architecture: History, Theory & Practice, Visual Arts N/A 8 Apr 2015