DHCommons partners with the ACH Mentoring Program

The Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) has for many years offered the ACH Mentoring Program, which provides guidance and opportunities to new members of the digital humanities community by pairing them with a volunteer mentor. Previously, all arrangements for participating in this program were handled via email, but starting today, requesting an ACH mentor (or volunteering to be an ACH mentor) is as easy as editing your profile on DHCommons. Here's the joint announcement from the ACH and DHCommons:

The Association for Computers and Humanities (ACH) and DHCommons are pleased to announce a partnership meant to broaden the ACH's successful digital humanities mentorship program. The ACH's mentorship program matches newcomers to the digital humanities with experienced advisors in the field for job market advice, networking, and professional guidance. If you would like to participate, visit http://www.dhcommons.org/user/register to create a new account. Once you've filled out your basic information, click "ACH Mentorship Program" in the left column and indicate 1.) whether you would like to request a mentor or volunteer to be a mentor and 2.) your experience and interests in DH. The ACH's mentorship program coordinator, Stéfan Sinclair, will use this information to match you with a partner who shares your interests. To learn more about the ACH's mentorship program, visit http://www.ach.org/mentoring.

Requesting a mentor (or volunteering to be a mentor) is easy. After you've logged into DHCommons, click on "View my profile" (at the very bottom of the screen, on the left). Then, choose Edit, and click on the "ACH mentoring program" tab. There you can select whether you want to request an ACH mentor or volunteer to be one, and you can describe your interests and expertise. As soon as you save the changes to your profile, DHCommons will notify the mentor matching committee. If you've requested an ACH mentor, you should hear back within a few days. If you've volunteered, you'll hear from the committee when they've found a mentee who they think will be a good fit.

All information about ACH mentees and mentor volunteers is kept private, and shared only with the matching committee and the mentor/mentee you're matched with. If you're seeking guidance about digital humanities, or if you're willing to share your experiences and offer advice, edit your DHCommons profile today to sign up for the ACH Mentoring Program!