DHCommons incorporates arts-humanities.net project data

DHCommons is happy to announce the incorporation of all the project data that was contributed to the now-defunct arts-humanities.net site. By adding this data to the DHCommons project registry, the collection of projects available on DHCommons has grown by over 700, providing many new opportunities to explore previous work within digital humanities.

The plan to import this data was announced at the Digital Humanities 2013 conference, and since then, we have been working on syncing up the metadata from arts-humanities.net with the much simpler DHCommons project profile fields. DHCommons is largely maintaining its project profile structure, including the section on collaboration needs. In order to not lose the information that was collected on arts-humanities.net, projects that originated on that site have supplemental fields that contain additional project metadata.

On arts-humanities.net, one of the major ways of organizing projects was by means of an elaborate taxonomy of ICT methods. As part of the data harmonization with the taxonomies on DHCommons, we mapped those methods onto TaDiRAH (Taxonomy of Digital Research Activities in the Humanities) goals, methods, techniques and research objects, and have made TaDiRAH categorization an option for all projects throughout the site.

Because the arts-humanities.net projects include information about the tools that were used in project development, these projects also benefit from the new integration between DHCommons and the DiRT (Digital Research Tools) directory.

If you find a profile for one of your projects that was imported from arts-humanities.net and you would like to regain editing rights to that project page, please email Quinn at quinnd@berkeley.edu. For projects that are still active, the DHCommons collaborator-matching feature may be of particular interest.