The Relevance of the Major Scottish Collections of Printed Renaissance Drama to the Cultural History and Contemporary Reception of Shakespeare

The research is intended to develop and deepen our understanding of the significance of particular items in the libraries' holdings and the histories of the various individual collections that make up those holdings. This work will provide the basis for a major exhibition to be held at the National Library. The researchers are also exploring the activities and attitudes of the collectors, with the aim of illuminating both the processes by which the works of a Renaissance playwright became cultural treasures and the practical, material ways in which that status has been expressed over the centuries. In addition, the research and the exhibition will reflect on the fact that these collections of materials by and about the English national poet, which to some extent derive their importance from that national status, were partly gathered by Scots and are held now in one of Scotland’s leading universities and its National Library. In this way the project will be encouraging the engagement of a wide audience with these strands of Shakespearean history, and hoping to foster reflection on Shakespeare's place in contemporary Anglophone culture in general, and in today's Scotland in particular.

Principal investigator
Dr James Loxley
Principal project staff
Dr James Loxley
Start date
Tuesday, January 1, 2008