The Sixteenth century French Religious Book

The period 1552-1600 saw a vast expansion of religious printing due to the growth of Calvinism, the Catholic polemical response, and the outbreak of the religious wars. Currently there is no list that is equivalent to the English Short Title Catalogue. The Sixteenth century French Religious Book created a complete listing of books published in the sixteenth century in French on religious themes by collecting data on all books printed during this period, prior to creating a critical bibliography and database to be published in electronic format. The monograph 'The Sixteenth century French Religious Book' was published in 2007. The launch of this ten-year project was also been marked by a series of lectures in France and by an exhibition of sixteenth century French books in Edinburgh. The project has now become part of the Universal Short Title Catalogue.

Principal investigator
Professor Andrew Pettegree
Principal project staff
Professor Andrew Pettegree
Start date
Monday, October 1, 2001
Completion date
Thursday, September 1, 2005