History of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama

The History of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama research project (1999-2004) operated under the aegis of the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama at Oxford. It has in many ways pioneered the developing discipline of Performance Reception. It has done this by documenting as comprehensively as possible all performances worldwide of Greek and Roman drama and their adaptations between the Renaissance and the present, while hand-in-hand with that also exploring ways of interpreting those findings and that material. The documentation is published as a searchable online database, with records for 8250+ productions gathered so far. The interpretation, which is open to various methodologies, has been conducted through lectures, seminars and conferences. It has also produced no fewer than four books, two already published (Medea in Performance and Dionysus Since 69, Oxford: Legenda and OUP respectively) and two which will be published before the end of 2005 (Greek Tragedy and the British Theatre and Agamemnon in Performance, both OUP). The APGRD itself, with the support of a new five-year AHRC grant (2004-2009), is now extending its scope to include performances of Greek and Roman drama in ancient times, and their reception and spread through opera and dance. The project has, we believe, opened up this fruitful approach to scholars throughout the world; and we are proud to be the centre of a flourishing interdisciplinary growth area.


Principal investigator
Professor Oliver Taplin
Principal project staff
Dr Fiona Macintosh; Dr Pantelis Michelakis; Professor Oliver Taplin; Professor Edith Hall; Ms Amanda Wrigley; Mr Peter Brown
Start date
Wednesday, September 1, 1999
Completion date
Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Agamemnon in Performance, 458 BC-2004 AD edited by Fiona Macintosh, Pantelis Michelakis, Edith Hall, and Oliver Taplin (Oxford University Press, December 2005)

Greek Tragedy and the British Theatre, 1660-1914, by Edith Hall and Fiona Macintosh (Oxford University Press, July 2005)

Dionysus Since 69: Greek Tragedy at the Dawn of the Third Millennium, edited by Edith Hall, Fiona Macintosh, and Amanda Wrigley (Oxford University Press, 2004)

Medea in Performance, 1500-2000, edited by Edith Hall, Fiona Macintosh, and Oliver Taplin (Oxford: Legenda, 2000)

*** Please note that listed here are only the books which have issued directly from the project. Please consult http://www.apgrd.ox.ac.uk/publications.htm for a fuller list of chapters and journal articles published by the research staff of the project. ***