Jonathan Swift Archive

The Jonathan Swift Archive makes available a searchable, digitized collection of texts of Swift’s prose from a great variety of early editions. The texts collected in the archive are documentary transcriptions of Swift's writings as they appear in their original printed editions. The aim has been to include first editions, and, wherever there has been authorial correction, emendation, revision, or alteration to the text in subsequent lifetime editions, to add transcriptions of these later witnesses. Wherever significant textual issues arise in posthumous editions, their texts have been included as well. The archive provides materials for a comprehensive account of the establishment and textual evolution of Jonathan Swift's prose works.

Principal investigator
Professor James McLaverty
Principal project staff
Professor Marilyn Deegan; Professor Jim McLaverty
Start date
Saturday, January 1, 2005
Completion date
Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Digital resources created
Copies of the texts are obtained from Cambridge University Library or the Bodleian Library and are then electronically rekeyed with a basic xml mark-up. The database contains digital images of all Swift's printed works and an archive of all Swift works' published during his lifetime.
Source material
Digital images of the printed works

The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Jonathan Swift