A trial electronic edition of the Preface to 'Ancrene Wisse' for the Early English Text Society

The project involved the development of a trial electronic edition of a short Middle English work, the 'Preface' to the thirteenth-century rule for recluses 'Ancrene Wisse', in conjunction with the Humanities Computing Development Team at Oxford, to work out an 'EETS template' which could serve as a model for electronic versions of future EETS editions. Since this is a prose work (the great majority of electronic editions of Middle English works are of verse texts) surviving in several manuscripts, it constituted a relatively demanding project. The two main aims of the project were to take advantage of recent developments in the technology of electronic editing, and to develop the editorial specifications which would serve as guidelines to future EETS editors. The final edition offered a 'translation' model of editing, designed for relatively straightforward conversion from the printed edition, but offering added value in the form of searchability, up-to-date navigational conventions, and transcriptions and high-quality colour reproductions of the manuscripts.


Principal investigator
Dr Bella Millett
Principal project staff
Dr Bella Millett; Mr Lou Burnard
Start date
Wednesday, May 1, 2002
Completion date
Thursday, May 1, 2003
Source material
The edition was a corrected version of the text of the Preface to 'Ancrene Wisse' in Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, MS 402. It also included transcriptions and digital reproductions of the texts of the Preface in Corpus 402, London, British Library, Cotton MS Cleopatra C. vi, and London, British Library, Cotton MS Nero A. xv.

the edition itself: http://tei.oucs.ox.ac.uk/EETS/

Lou Burnard. "Encoding Standards for the Electronic Edition." Matija Ogrin (ed.) Znanstvene Izdaje in Elektronski Medij Scholarly Editions and the Digital Medium. Ljubljana: Studia Litteraria ZRC ZAZU, 2005. 12–67. .