Verbum: the old Latin translation of the gospel of John

The outcome of the project is an edition of the Old Latin manuscripts of John which will replaced the existing Matzkow-Jülicher-Aland volume (1963), to be published electronically in the first instance, and later as an edition of John, with a full apparatus criticus containing the patristic citations in the definitive Institut-Vetus Latina series. The project, freestanding in itself, is also complementary to the International Greek New Testament Project. The material published will be of particular interest to the following;
i) specialists in the textual history of the Greek New Testament;
ii) specialists in the wider study of the early versions, such as the Syriac, Armenian, and Gothic, and in the mediaeval vernacular translations from the Latin;
iii) patristics scholars, especially those interested in the evolution of the intellectual vocabulary of Latin Christianity, in the history of exegetics and interpretation, and in cultural networks within the Western Church;
iv) specialists in Latin historical linguistics, 'Vulgar Latin', ancient translation practice, and the development of technical languages.

Principal investigator
Professor David Parker
Principal project staff
Professor David Parker
Start date
Tuesday, October 1, 2002
Completion date
Thursday, September 1, 2005
Source material
Original manuscripts or reproductions of them (dating from the fourth to the thirteenth centuries. The holding libraries are located throughout Europe.

The electronic manuscript transcriptions will be available in the coming months via a link at the project website.