Cataloguing and electronic access to archives of British mathematical and physical scientists

As part of its wider programme of preserving the original source materials for the history of science, the NCUACS is cataloguing and making accessible the archives of 11 major figures in the mathematical and physical sciences.

Eleven major archives will be available for research for the first time in nine academic libraries and archives: E. Raymond Andrew (Nottingham University Library); Robert Hanbury Brown (Library, Royal Society), Albrecht Fröhlich (Archives, King’s College London), Herbert Fröhlich (Liverpool University Library), Bertha, Lady Jeffreys (Library, St John’s College Cambridge), Nicholas Kurti (Bodleian Library Oxford), Sir James Lighthill and Dame Kathleen Lonsdale (Special Collections Library, University College London), Lord (Walter) Marshall and Sir Martin Ryle (Churchill Archives Centre Cambridge) and Sir William Mitchell (Reading University Library). In addition to physical access to the archives there will be electronic access at the researcher’s personal computer to detailed archival descriptions and full text catalogues of the 11 archives.

Since maximising the use of the processed archives is a key objective the whole programme will be supported by a dissemination strategy which will have traditional and electronic elements. These will include the widely circulated six monthly NCUACS Progress Reports which report on archives in process and catalogued, and our established series of sources leaflets ‘History of Science Connexions’. Promotional project webpages will be established and project staff will promote the archival programme to relevant user communities.

Principal investigator
Mr Peter Harper
Principal project staff
Dr Tim Powell
Start date
Friday, September 1, 2006
Completion date
Tuesday, September 1, 2009