Classical Archaeology and Art on the Web: the Beazley Archive

The original project, a database of Athenian figure-decorated pottery 626-300BC, began in 1979. It was the second in the University of Oxford to be available 'on line' (after Cairns Science Library). From 1992 that database, and others begun from the early 1990s, began to be prepared for migration to the web. The project funded by the AHRB 2003/6 represented the first stage of an integrated multiple database system available on the web; more than 20 databases were programmed into XDB during 2004. Also during 2002/4 the digitisation of Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum for the web was undertaken. By early 2005 the Beazley Archive had a data store in excess of 5TBs and databases on Pottery, Gems and Sculpture available with more than 200,000 records and 150,000 high resolution images on the web. Searches can be made across all types of material on the site. It receives about 200,000 hits per day and its most advanced database has more than 8,000 registered users worldwide.
The Beazley Archive will soon be able to enter a major new phase of development, working with other institutions to enable their virtually integrated resources to be searched as one - a VRE for classical art.

Our aim is to broaden access to this multidisciplinary material.
Our principal problem with an on-going initiative of this magnitude is funding.

Principal investigator
Dr Donna Kurtz
Principal project staff
Professor Donna Carol Kurtz
Start date
Tuesday, April 1, 2003
Completion date
Wednesday, March 1, 2006
Source material
Beazley Archive's own photographs. Publications in Oxford libraries. Archive's own assets (eg impressions of engraved gems). Ashmolean Museum.

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