Silchester Roman city: development of on-line archive for insula IX 'Town Life' project

The project's aim is the capture, storage and manipulation of data from a long-term archaeological excavation (1997 and continuing) of insula ix of the Iron Age and Roman town of Silchester, Hampshire (Calleva Atrebatum). The data comprise a variety of linked excavation and finds records which are stored on the Integrated Archaeological Database (IADB). The latter is a key tool for the post-excavation analysis of this complex, stratified site for which publication is planned in both printed and web-based formats. A key aim is to make all the excavation and finds records accessible via the web and to use the IADB record as a primary source for all publications.
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Principal investigator
Professor Michael Fulford
Principal project staff
Professor Michael Fulford
Start date
Monday, November 1, 1999
Completion date
Monday, November 1, 2004