TV Times Digitisation Project

TV Times is now the only record of many programmes shown on ITV, and particularly of those that no longer exist. TV Times exists in a relatively complete form in only two sources: the British Library and British Film Institute. The project was designed to commision the British Library to produce a microfiche version of their holdings (supplemented, it transpired, by editions from a private source located by teh research team); to digitise these; and then to extract the programme listing information into a searchable database.

The database is available, behind ATHENS authentification for copyright reasons, at the BUFVC's website. The data is entered in a format that is compatible with the BUFVC'sd own TRILT database of post-2001 programming, generated from the TV industry's own listings database. The TVTiP database contains an entry for all programmes listed in the London edition of the TV Times between 1955 (the opening of ITV) and 1984. Detailed listings, including all the written information on the programmes, is included for approximately one third of entries. The daa can be searched to display programming by title and type, by name, by transmission date etc, so that a wide range of academic approaches can be adopted including the study of scheduling practices.

The aim is to enable the scholars of TV to sift large amounts of data; to locate programming in its context; to study TV in innovative ways. A scarce paper source has been converted into a powerful resource for historians.

Principal investigator
Professor John Ellis
Principal project staff
Professor John Ellis; Mr Matthew Holland
Start date
Tuesday, January 1, 2002
Completion date
Sunday, May 1, 2005
Source material
TV Times London edition. British Library holdings (supplemented from private collection)