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The Digital Sigillography Resource

Posted by John McEwan on July 5, 2016

The Digitial Sigillography Resource (Digisig) enables scholars and members of the public to search sigillographic datasets provided by researchers, archives and museums. Digisig fosters the study of seals, particular from Medieval Europe, by radically enhancing access to this important cultural legacy. Digisig aims to make seals and their associated scholarship discoverable.

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T-PEN (Transcription for Paleographical and Editorial Notation)

Posted by Center For Digi... on January 5, 2012

T-PEN is a web-based application that permits users to transcribe unpublished documents that are available from a digital repository. T-PEN autormatically identifies the location of each line in the page image, and this allows the user to transcribe line by line (this line parsing can also be manually adjusted). T-PEN also supports XML encoding as you transcribe and any XML schema (RNG format) can be linked to a project. Transcription projects can be shared with 1 or more other T-PEN users.

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