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Old Testament, New Tricks: Using Biblical Translation to Examine Word Sense and Popular Belief

Posted by Zach Bleemer on March 27, 2016

This project presents a novel framework and empirical technique using digital tools and a small but highly-structured dataset--namely, 14 translations of the Old Testament--to analyze latent beliefs regarding beautiful objects across three broadly-defined populations: 16th century Great Britain, 20th century Germany, and the contemporary United States.

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Posted by Charles Faulhaber on August 9, 2014

A free internet-based bio-bibliographical database of the corpus of the romance vernacular sources of medieval and early modern Iberian culture, their primary sources, both manuscript and printed, the texts they contain, the individuals involved with the production and transmission of those sources and texts, and the libraries holding them, along with relevant secondary references and authority files for persons, places, and institutions, It is comprised of four separate bibliographies

BETA / Bibliografía Española de Textos Antiguos
Medieval texts in Spanish.

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Bulgarian dialectology as a living tradition

Posted by Quinn Dombrowski on August 2, 2011

This project features transcriptions, translations, and a linguistic analysis of conversations with people from rural Bulgaria collected in the field during the 1990's and 2000's. Excerpts from the conversations are transcribed, along with full linguistic glosses. Users can also listen to and download mp3's of the source data. Salient dialectal traits are highlighted, and texts are also tagged for salient cultural traits. All word forms from the conversations have been aggregated into a glossary, and maps showing the distribution of linguistic and cultural traits are available.

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