Adams Timeline

Spanning the years 1735 to 1889, the Adams Timeline is a searchable collection of key events and happenings in the lives of 2nd U.S. President John, First Lady Abigail Adams and three succeeding generations of their immediate family. Members of the Adams family were deeply involved a
tumultuous era of American history and were keen observers of national and domestic politics, as well as day-to-day activities on their beloved family farm. The collection of Adams Family Papers at the Massachusetts Historical Society is the most comprehensive and historically complete family collection held by any American cultural institution. While forming the basis of numerous digital and analog resources, this vast body of material lacked a coherent summation of major personalities and collection highlights, which is where the Adams Timeline comes in. The Timeline acts as a guide and a launching pad to the Adams collections, providing some background information and linking out to the original documents and other resources.


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Source material
The source material was an older, static timeline created by previous Adams Papers editors, with updated events added based on new transcriptions of Adams family letters, and from research on both the original manuscript letters and using the internal research files compiled by Adams Papers staff.

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