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Martha Berry Digital Archive and Crowd-Ed

Posted by Martha Berry Di... on January 28, 2013

The Martha Berry Digital Archive (MBDA) project is publishing the writings of early 20th-century educator and philanthropist Martha Berry. To achieve project goals, MBDA has developed and is currently testing a participatory metadata editing tool which enables Dublin Core metadata editing in the Omeka platform.

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History Engine

Posted by Robert K. Nelson on January 9, 2012

The History Engine ( is a pedagogically oriented project that captures and organizes “episodes”—concise narratives about often local events (e.g. the burning of abolitionist literature in Charleston in 1836 or the reaction of Chinese immigrants in New Orleans in 1911 to an imperial decree instructing them to cut off their queues)—about the past written by undergraduate students. Instructors at any university are welcome and encouraged to use the site in their courses.

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