Dear Professor Einstein: The Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists in Post-War America

This project uses Omeka to present an illustrated exhibit about the history of the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists and the Americans who responded to its call, using representative items from the collection and other nuclear history collections held in SCARC. After exploring the cultural milieu in which it was conceived, as well as descriptions of its formation and effort, the exhibit highlights examples of the many types of letters that were sent to the ECAS: letters of criticism, encouragement, advice, proposed solutions, as well as offers to help and interesting contributions in lieu of funds. Finally, the results of the Committee's work (or lack thereof) are presented, and the exhibit briefly discusses their products and their legacy.

Users can browse through the letters in any order, examining item and metadata together via a main index. The Omeka plugin Scripto allows users to transcribe both handwritten and typed letters to enhance the keyword searchability of the letters. A topical tag cloud allows exploration of occupations, amounts, and organizations.

Users can also explore the collection and play with the data using Viewshare, a free service from the Library of Congress that allows for visualizations and data play, providing manipulatable facets, lists, geographic exploration, and charts. Users can also download a dataset and play with the data in RAW, a simple data visualizer app from Density Design that allows users to choose between a number of different graphs and visualizations, to show other combinations of facets. These exploration tools invite users to play with metadata in order to uncover correlations, patterns, and trends.

The project is intended to be readable and usable for the general public, with specific applicability to new and established scholars in multiple disciplines.


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