French Vernacular Books: A Short-Title Catalogue of Books in the French language published before 1601

The St Andrews French Book Project intends to create an analytical bibliography of all books published in the French language before 1601. It is the first ever global survey of early French books, based on an exhaustive investigation of over 1550 libraries worldwide. It is also the first major national bibliographical project to have been designed and completed entirely in the electronic age. Intended ultimately to be available both as a hard-cover reference tool and fully searchable on-line resource, it is an indispensable resource for the study of the history, literature and culture of early modern France.

Principal investigator
Professor Andrew Pettegree
Principal project staff
Dr Alexander Wilkinson; Dr Malcolm Walsby; Professor Andrew Pettegree
Start date
Friday, August 1, 1997
Completion date
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
Source material
Location information on some 150,000 copies have been carefully logged, gathered from the incorporation of published library catalogues and specialist bibliographies, on-line searches of library holdings, and from inventories compiled from library visits. From the beginning, the project has paid particular attention to the provincial libraries of France.