Public Domain Harlem Shadows

I am trying to put together an electronic edition of Claude McKay's 1922 collection of poems. There are already a number of different sources for page images (Google Books, the Internet Archive); I'd like to use these to build a solid, well-edited, and lightly marked up TEI edition of the collection, from which we could generate a number of output formats (HTML, ePub, PDF). In addition to the text of McKay's poems itself, the goal would be a sort of "Norton Critical Edition" with a well edited text and histories of the poems with appropriate annotations.

All this material will be shared on github in the hope of allowing it to be forked (perhaps to create different editions for different audiences--college, etc).

Read more at my blog post. As I say there, I am not an expert in this field and am therefore looking for genuine collaborators, ideally with more expertise than me. The real goal here is to show the ways that scholars and others can enrich the public domain.


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Individual/small group
Graduate students
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Help design this project and implement it. This will include trying to proofread the text, but also deciding what should be in the text.
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