Athena Ruby

Athena Ruby is a font for scholarly editions of Byzantine inscriptions, particularly those where transcribing the visual typology of the letters and symbols is critical, such as in seals and coins.

The glyph set covers the major ideal types of letterforms, ligatures, punctuation, and symbols found in inscriptions from the Byzantine cultural ambit, fourth through the fifteenth century. It currently supports the Latin and Greek alphabets.

An OpenType- and Unicode-compliant font, Athena Ruby takes advantage of emerging standards for publishing on the Web. It will be available both independently and in web-open format (WOFF).



Kinds of collaborators
Individual/small group
Help description
When the font is ready, we will need assistance in making sure the user help documentation is clear, complete, and consistent. In addition, we may need assistance in developing two different web-based tools, one a visual environment to help users find alternate characters and ligatures, and another to convert older, proprietary non-Unicode fonts into the new font. These tools would have to fit with Plone.
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