Digital catalogue of illuminated manuscripts in the Western Collections of the British Library (DigCIM)

The Project provides catalogue descriptions and images of illuminated manuscripts in the British Library's collection on a collection-by-collection basis. Thus far, entries for illuminated manuscripts in all of the Library's collections are available online and can be found via the Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts website at:

Work on the Royal collection is in progress, funded by a further AHRC grant (see the entry for the Royal project). As of May 2010, there were approximately 4,800 separate manuscript records and 30,000 images on the site. It is envisaged that descriptions of all of the illuminated manuscripts in the British Library's collections will be searchable on the internet, making it one of the world's largest on-line resources for the study of illuminated manuscripts.

Principal investigator
Kathleen Doyle
Principal project staff
Professor David Ganz; Mr Peter Kidd (initial phase); Dr Scot McKendrick; Professor John Lowden; Dr Kathleen Doyle (current phase)
Start date
Monday, March 1, 2004
Completion date
Thursday, February 1, 2007
Source material
Illuminated and decorated manuscripts in the British Library drawn from the following collections: Arundel, Burney, Egerton, Hargrave, Henry Davis, Hirsch, King's, Lansdowne, Sloane, Stowe, Yates Thompson. Subsequent projects have added illuminated and decorated manuscripts from the Harley and Royal manuscript collections to the catalogue.