The Harold Pinter Bibliography (Searchable Digital Database)

As a founding Life Member of The International Harold Pinter Society (an Allied Organization of the MLA) and the founding Bibliographical Editor of The Pinter Review, I am exploring the feasibility of developing a searchable digital database for my "Harold Pinter Bibliography," published in print in The Pinter Review since 1987. The most recently published edition (14th) appears in Remembering/Celebrating Harold Pinter: The Pinter Review: Memorial Volume 2009-2011, ed. Francis Gillen (Tampa: U of Tampa P, 2011) 220-77; ISBN 978-1879852-24-2 (hardcover) and ISBN 978-1879852-45-7 (softcover); ISSN 0895-9706.

Harold Pinter (1930-2008) was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2005.

[Cf. my thread Most effective software for building searchable digital bibliographic database? posted on ACH: Digital Humanities Questions and Answers. My Member Profile for Susan Hollis Merritt on MLA Commons also provides a link to this DHCommons project description and states that members may contact me via either platform.  I created a WordPress blog site for Day of DH 2016 (April 8), "The Harold Pinter Bibliography (Searchable Digital Database) project," which provides further information.  (It cites earlier versions of my profile and project description posted on DH Commons.)]


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I am seeking information and advice about the technical requirements of such a project (e.g., converting textual entries in word-processed files into records for a searchable digital database; the most effective software program(s) to use in such a process), as well as advice about seeking future institutional support (sponsorship) and external funding. Having served as a faculty member in English and Theatre Arts for many years and also as a College Advancement Writer (Development Officer), I have substantial successful experience in applying for and securing individual and institutional fellowships and grants. My CV is accessible on my website (linked on my member page).
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