Proceedings of the Central Criminal Court 1834 to 1913, Online

The Central Criminal Court Online has digitised and posted in a searchable form 70 million words of transcripts of trials held at the Old Bailey between 1834 and 1913. It forms an extension to the NOF and AHRB funded project 'The Old Bailey Online', and forms a seamless body of text detailing all trials held between 1674 and 1834. In total approximately 125 million words of text is available. By tagging the rekeyed and OCRd text in XML for names, offences, trial outcomes, punsihments, etc., the site allows comprehensive statistical information to be generated.

This site makes available the largest body of printed text detailing the lives of non-elite people ever created, and in the process contributes substantially to two distinct forms of historical enquiry. The tagged information detailing trials and their outcomes provides the basis for a new and uniquely detailed history of crime and punishment. And the full keyword searchable transcripts also provide access to uniquely detailed descriptions of everyday life, and in doing so make a major contribution to a broader social history. By dint of the sheer volume of text, the site also contributes to a range of further disciplines such as literary studies, historical geography, economic history etc.

Principal investigator
Professor Tim Hitchcock
Principal project staff
Professor Tim Hitchcock; Professor Robert Shoemaker; Professor Clive Emsley
Start date
Monday, August 1, 2005
Completion date
Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Source material
The project is concerned to digitise a single, consistent serial publication: The Proceedings of the Central Criminal Court. Published eight times a year between 1834 and 1913, this essentially legal publication provides transcripts of evidence given before the court. This transcription is based on a microfilm edition original produced in 1981.