Lynchings in Georgia (1875-1930)

Faculty: Roberto Franzosi, Sociology Department
DiSC project managers: Miriam Posner, Roger Whitson
Librarian team member: Erica Bruchko
Development team leader: Scott Turnbull
DiSC staff: Franky Abbott

In this project, the team will design and create an interactive web interface for Roberto Franzosi's research project "Lynchings in Georgia (1875-1930)." Franzosi has built a systematic catalogue of event characteristics for the near-400 lynching victims in Georgia, as narrated in over 1,200 newspaper articles from over 200 national, regional, and local newspapers. Through the coding and presentation of these newspaper narratives, the project can offer new insights into trends connecting lynching events with implications for the broader study of lynching in U.S. history. Once complete, it will allow visitors to explore the "who, what , when, where, how, and why" of lynchings in Georgia during this period.


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