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Short Title Catalogue, Netherlands, as Linked Open Data

Posted by Albert Meroño-P... on August 15, 2014

In 2012, historians and computer scientists at VU University Amsterdam started a project dealing with an important dataset in the field of history and literary studies: the Short Title Catalogue, Netherlands (STCN). The STCN is a retrospective bibliography compiled by the National Library of the Netherlands and contains descriptions of over 200.000 Dutch publications from the period 1540-1800. These descriptions are disclosed by using the Picarta/OCLC standards.

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Posted by Albert Meroño-P... on August 14, 2014

CEDAR seeks to answer fundamental questions about social history in the Netherlands and the world in automatic, web-scalable and reproducible ways. More concretely, the aim of CEDAR is to publish the Dutch historical censuses (1795-1971) in the Semantic Web, using this dataset as a starting point to build a semantic data-web of socio-historical information. With such a web we will be able to more easily answer questions such as:

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Dutch Ships and Sailors

Posted by Victor De Boer on August 14, 2014

Dutch Ships and Sailors is a project that aims to provide an infrastructure for maritime historical datasets, linking correlating data through semantic web technology. It brings together datasets related to recruitment and shipping in the East-India trade (mainly 18th century) and in the shipping of the northern provinces of the Netherlands (mainly 19th century). For the northern provinces, the database contains data on the personnel recruited, the ships, and other variables (Monsterrollen Noordelijke Nederlanden).