Computer Science

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DIVE: Dynamically Linking Collections on the Basis of Events

Posted by Lora Aroyo on August 16, 2014

In this digital cultural heritage project, we provide innovative access to heritage objects from heterogeneous online collections. We use historical events and event narratives as a context both for searching and browsing as well as for the presentation of individual and group of objects. Semantics from existing collection vocabularies and linked data vocabularies are used to link objects and the events, people, locations and concepts that are depicted or associated with those objects. An innovative interface allows for browsing this network of data in an intuitive fashion.

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Posted by VU Univeristy A... on August 14, 2014

BiographyNet is a multidisciplinary project that combines expertise from history, computer science and computational linguistics. It works with data from the Biography Portal of the Netherlands which links more than 75,000 Dutch people mentioned in various databases, through a limited set of metadata. BiographyNet aims to enhance its potential for historical research by transforming the available data into a semantic knowledge base and through the creation of a demonstrator.

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Muninn Project

Posted by Robert Warren on July 28, 2014

The Muninn Project is a multi-year, multidisciplinary research project investigating records pertaining to the First World War in a linked open data format.

Our aim is to take archives of digitized documents, extract the written data using computing power and turn the resulting information into structured linked open data databases. This very large knowledge base will then support further research in different areas.