Belfast Group Poetry|Networks

Belfast Group Poetry|Networks is a site that explores the writing workshop that run in Belfast sporadically from 1963-1972. Founded by Philip Hobsbaum, a lecturer at Queen's University Belfast, the Group's members included some of the most famous poets of the twentieth centry, including Seamus Heaney, Paul Muldoon, Michael Longley, and others.

The site features:

  • a full list of the “Group sheet” drafts that were read as part of the Belfast Group
  • digital editions of a subset of those (including work by Heaney, Longley, and Muldoon)
  • network graphs based on data from the Group sheets and archival data from MARBL finding aids
  • a map highlighting locations mentioned in the poetry drafts as well as places of where the authors in the Group lived throughout their lives
  • essays providing background on the Belfast Group and the website
  • three new scholarly, peer-reviewed essays on recollections of the Group and the network data, the role of women in the Group, and the limitations and benefits of the archival approach taken for this project



Kinds of collaborators
Individual/small group
Graduate students
IT staff
Help needed

Principal investigator
Rebecca Sutton Koeser
Brian Croxall
Principal project staff
Rebecca Sutton Koeser (Emory LITS senior software engineer), project proposer and lead; technical lead; Brian Croxall (Digital Humanities Strategist and Lecturer of English), project management and deputy project leader; Alice Hickcox (Digital Text Specialist), original Belfast Group website manager, TEI expert; Elizabeth Russey Roke (Digital Archivist), EAD and RDF consultant; Kevin Glover (Emory LITS senior software engineer), site design and style
Start date
Saturday, September 1, 2012
Completion date
Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Project Collaborators