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Infinite Ulysses

Posted by Amanda Visconti on March 11, 2015

Infinite Ulysses ( is a participatory digital edition: it uses an authoritative text (the Modernist Version Project's transcription of the 1922 Shakespeare and Co. first printing), but allows readers of all backgrounds to highlight the text and add annotations (interpretations, comments, and questions). A variety of filters let you customize the annotations you see to your needs (e.g.

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Lacuna Stories

Posted by Michael Widner on November 22, 2014

Lacuna Stories’ unique annotation tools encourage skills such as historical thinking, close reading, and a critical comparison of sources. Lacuna Stories’ diverse, multimedia environment provides tools for instructors, students, and the general public to “mend” the gaps in knowledge of major historical events and to develop their own narratives. Within humanities education, specifically, the interactive, multimedia functionality of Lacuna Stories goes beyond simply replacing print reading and viewing practices.

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