Infinite Ulysses

Infinite Ulysses ( is a participatory digital edition: it uses an authoritative text (the Modernist Version Project's transcription of the 1922 Shakespeare and Co. first printing), but allows readers of all backgrounds to highlight the text and add annotations (interpretations, comments, and questions). A variety of filters let you customize the annotations you see to your needs (e.g. don't show spoilers or translations of Latin; do show definitions, instances of intertextuality or mentions of Hamlet, and questions from other readers).

The goal of the edition is to encourage conversation around difficult literary texts among scholars and readers from outside the university. The project also explores how scholarly digital editions might be designed to also support public engagement and participation. The site is a key piece of a literature/digital humanities dissertation.

The edition can be useful in the classroom, whether as a reading supplement, assignment ("add x annotations to the first episode of the novel"), or as a way to prep for class (e.g. remind yourself of the kinds of questions first-time readers will have about the novel).

We're seeking readers to use the site—whether that means just using it to read, adding annotations (questions, comments, interpretations), and/or interacting with other readers' annotations (e.g. tagging, voting). Readers can help shape the site into the platform they'd like to see by providing feedback through the site's contact form or a survey.

The project exists because of a community of support, from colleagues providing code to build off to funding support. A full list of credits for those who've helped realize the site is available here.


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Source material
The Modernist Versions Project's digital transcription of the 1922 first edition (Paris, Shakespeare & Co.), available at All changes to the MVP text discussed here ( and available for reuse here (

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