The St Alban's Psalter: on the Web

To digitise the St Albans Psalter and place it on the web. The images are accompanied by complete transcription, translation (Latin into both English and German). Each image has a page-by-page commentary, and the manuscript is amplified by about 40,000 words of accompanying essays.
Aims: to make the psalter available in colour.
Research questions: to understand how the manuscript was made, when, for whom, and why the range of images were chosen.
Wider research context: this manuscript is the finest example of English Romanesque painting, kept outside Britain (in Germany). In terms of artistic style it set a fashion for decades in England. It contains one of the earliest examples of Frech literature, seldom examined within its codicological context.

Principal investigator
Dr Jane Geddes
Principal project staff
Dr Jane Geddes
Start date
Monday, January 1, 2001
Completion date
Saturday, March 1, 2003
Source material
Source: one manuscript, c400 pages, full of illuminations, stored in Dombibliothek, Hildesheim, Germany. The digital resource is a set of .tiff files.

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Geddes, Jane, The St Albans Psalter: a book for Christina of Markyate, British Library, 2005; and also German translation published by Schnell und Steiner, Regensburg, 2005

Jane Geddes, Peter Kidd, The St Albans Psalter (facsimile and commentary)Muller und Schindler,2008.